Tuesday, January 28, 2014

{Project Life: Week Four + Cold Day Two}

Welcome to a tour of these week's Project Life! Check out the highlights from our lives last week. If you want to learn more about Becky Higgins' Project Life, click here. It is a perfect way to capture the memories we are creating every day.

Last week's layout was fun, because I included an insert (for the first time!)to hold some extra pics. Because Ryan took the kids to the Fond du Lac Children's Museum on Friday, we ended up with quite a few pics. Take a look:
If you look at the first page, you can see that I included a screen shot of a text message I received from the director or Lilli's preschool. She was texting to tell me that Lilli is doing so much better socializing with her classmates. Previously, she was VERY shy in class. This text made me so happy, so I thought it needed to be included for the week.

Here is the insert page:
 I like that including this allowed me to have room as well for the passports the kids stamped at the museum:

 And here is the last page:
 Last week's layout really had a variety of pics, and I think it does an excellent job of capturing our busy lives from last week.
Today was Day Two of the cold. The kiddos and I didn't leave the house today. It was great :) Truthfully, we didn't do very much. Caden decided right away this morning that we would wear our pajamas all day. I made it until 10, and then I HAD to put some jeans on. We snuggled, watched movies, and played around the house. I crocheted while we were watching the movies. I made each kiddo a hat per Caden's request:
I have a flower that I also crocheted and need to add to the side of Lilli's hat. I'll post another pic after I do that. They LOVED them.

Another thing we did today was make Banana Swirl. That is what Daniel Tiger made on an episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. It is just frozen bananas that are blended. It tastes like banana ice cream. We started with three bananas:
Then I sliced them up:
And Lilli put them in a Ziplock bag:
Check out that glorious bed head on that girl!
It was so cold today that we put the bag outside instead of in the freezer. When we decided to blend up the bananas after lunch, they were too hard to even blend. I took out about six pieces and put them in the microwave to soften them up a bit. The kiddos were VERY excited:
It takes a little bit of time, and you need to keep stopping to shake the blender. Once it started to smooth together, it was fine. Here is what it looks like:
Both Caden and Lilli thought it was very good:
I liked it, too.

Overall, it was a very nice and relaxing day. Back to normal tomorrow!

Until later!

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