Friday, January 10, 2014

{Fitness Friday: T25}

Ryan decided that it was time he start working out. I know...I didn't believe it either. He is blessed to have an unbelievably high metabolism. Get this, he TRIED to see if he could gain weight a couple of months ago. He purposely ordered bacon cheeseburgers and things like that...nothing. Wish I were like that :)

He does realize that although he is thin, he needs to workout for his heart. So, over the holiday break he saw this ad for T25. Just 25 minutes a day, five days a week? He was sold. So he purchased it. We will be beginning this workout regime next Monday. We plan to put in the 25 minutes before going to work and school. I will be sure to keep you updated. Other than that, I have plans to run another half marathon in May. I am thinking the one in Green Bay this year because the timing for the Oshkosh Half will not work for me. Still need to work out all of the logistics. So next week is the big week to begin all of the workout again. I think I will also try to sneak in a couple of workouts this weekend. I am also going to develop my weekly workout schedule that will include the running and the T25 schedule. I will share that once I have it. I LOVE having a plan for each day. Then I am less likely to say I am too tired to workout. What have you been doing to stay fit?

Until later!

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