Saturday, January 11, 2014

{Wizard Quest Weekend + Wand tutorial}

I must say, I look forward to this weekend each year. This will be our 3rd Annual Wizard Quest Weekend. Aunt Lexie, Aunt Cara, Aunt Samantha, Nicole Green, and I are the lucky participants this year. This is our annual trip to the Dells for some girls' time. We shop, shop, shop, and, of course, we also head to Wizard Quest to free us some wizards! Here is a video tour of what WQ exactly is. Now, I realize the video makes it look really lame, but it is SO much fun. Last year we were even able to free all four wizards. We bought t-shirts to celebrate this accomplishment :)

We meet up in the Dells on Saturday morning, and then we stay overnight and come back home on Sunday. It is always a great time! Here are some highlights from this year's trip so far:

Right before we heading in to start hunting--

Going through the Spinning Vortex--

In the Earth realm--

Another shot of the Earth realm--

We had to look for these to answer a clue--

Oh no! So scary in the Fire realm--

Alexis freeing Moltar, the Fire Wizard--

This year I also did something different. I made us magic wands. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, so this was something I secretly have always wanted :) I found this on Pinterest, so how could I not make each of us our own wand?

I started with some cheap chopsticks (thank you, Kelly, our Foods teacher at school):

They weren't quite long enough, so I broke a few and taped them to the ends of each other with masking tape. I figured because they were being covered with hot glue, the tape didn't matter:

I then added hot glue to the handle to make it thicker. It took A LOT of glue:
I probably used around three glue sticks. They were the small ones, and I had my low heat glue gun. I would probably recommend a higher heat one. Just be careful not to burn yourself.

I added some beads as well. (Thank you to Amber, the art teacher at my school, for allowing me to use some beads.):

Truth be told, I did the gluing on the one in the pics, and my teaching assistant Melissa did the rest. I didn't have any copies for her to make, and she didn't have any homework to do. She was THRILLED to make them :)

Once the glue completely cooled, they were ready to be painted. I just used regular acrylic paint and foam brushes. Once they dried, I sprayed them with an acrylic paint sealer.

I had to put two thick coats on each wand.

Here they are drying--

Not too bad! Here we are after I gave the ladies their wands:

Now back to the weekend...

After Wizard Quest we went to Mexicali Rose for lunch. Here is our pic we love to take there:

Then it was time for shopping at the outlet mall. One of my favorite stops is always the Disney Store. This year Caden wanted something with the Hulk in it and Lilli wanted Doc McStuffins pajamas:


After we finished shopping, it was time to hit up the casino and then go back to the room. We had a little bit of food:

We opted to not go out to dinner and to just eat in the room. And we also played some games. 

Tomorrow morning we will get up and hit the Cracker Barrel for some breakfast, and then hit the Craft Mall for some more shopping.

Even though I'm not home, the kiddos are still having fun. Because Dada had class today, they got to play with Katelyn. She took them to Chuck E. Cheese. Check out the pics she sent me:

Lilli on the merry-go-round--


And Ryan sent me these pics:

I hope everyone is having a magical weekend!

Until later!

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