Sunday, January 26, 2014

{Crafty Sunday: Finished Ninja Turtle + Cold Days Ahead!}

Every Sunday it is my goal to do at least one crafty thing. That's why I decided to call it Crafty Sunday :) I decided to start posting what I do on Crafty Sunday on Sunday instead of Monday. Not sure why I didn't do that from the beginning...

I found out already today that I will not have school the next two days. Now we will have to make up one of the days in June. The forecast is going to be -40 degrees F including windchill. Even colder on Tuesday. I am very happy that I did my grocery shopping yesterday, so we will not really need to go out if we do not want to.

Today the kids and I played around in my scrapping room. I worked on this week's Project Life spread and I also managed to do a few other crafty things. I finished the turtle today! Yay! Here are some shots:

Caden LOVES it:
The kids got in on the crafting today as well:
To be truthful, Caden didn't last too long. He lost interest. Lilli liked it though :)

I also made Ryan's birthday card tonight, but I can't show that to you yet or he will see it. I can post that pic later this week.

We ended the night with watching "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." We didn't finish watching it before, but we started it over so Dada could see it. It really is a cute movie. This is Lilli's favorite song:

Caden said he wants to buy the CD so we can listen to the music. Lilli didn't quite make it to the end of the movie:
Until later!

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