Thursday, January 30, 2014

{No Technology Thursday: Cloud Dough + Ryan's birthday dinner}

Every Thursday we have No Technology day in our house. While the kids are awake, that goes for Mama and Dada, too. They do understand that for work we sometimes will need to use our phones and computers. Caden is always quick to remind us to put away the phone if he sees one of us grab it :)

For next few months I am leaded RAP sessions after school from 4-5:30, so that cuts down on my time at home with the kids before bed. That doesn't mean that we are giving up No Technology Thursday. Oh no! I just have to be a better planner :) In order to allow for more play time, I put together and par-baked our Mexican Lasagna last night for tonight. Now I just needed to come home and pop it into the oven. (If you wanted to know, it was EXCELLENT. I would definitely make it again!) While it was baking, the kids and I played with Cloud Dough. The kids have played with this at different places, like the Children's Museum in Green Bay, but we have never had it at home. I found the recipe for it here. It looked easy enough, and only taking five minutes to make wasn't too bad. Now I realized as I was making this that it could potentially be a big mess, but that is why I have a vacuum cleaner. I am already vacumming daily, plus with sensory things out like this rice play area:
there has been extra vacuuming anyway :) Side note: you would be AMAZED by how kids love to play with rice. They can write their names in it with a chopstick, use a cookie cutter to "cut" into it, they can pour it... The possibilities are endless.

Back to the Cloud Dough. It was very easy to make, and it only requires two ingredients: 4 cups of flour and 1/2 cup of oil (ideally baby oil, but vegetable oil worked great for us).

All you have to do it mix it together with your hands for five minutes. That's it! I took the recipe and quickly gathered the ingredients before Grandma and Bumpah brought the kiddos to the house. It was VERY easy. I did put parchment paper down to mix it on to prevent a total disaster on my kitchen counter.

Overall, they really liked it. Once it turned into Cloud Dough, they used cookie cutters to play in it. I divided what I made in half, and then I put each half on its own lipped cookie sheet. It is a cool substance because it is wet and dry at the same time. I know, it doesn't make sense. You just have to make some and play with it yourself! Here are some pics:

Before I go I have to update you about Ryan's birthday dinner last night. We had a great time. I made Chicken and Dumpling soup, Ryan's request. Uncle Danny and Aunt Samantha joined us for dinner as well.

The kids loved helping Dada open his presents:
We got him a Drake sweatshirt, a Drake t-shirt, and the MASH DVD series collection. Once he is done with school, I am sure he will have time to watch it... I hope :)

Instead of a cake, we had brownies. We still had to sing "Happy Birthday," of course :)
It was a very nice and relaxing evening. Before Uncle Danny and Aunt Samantha left, Caden and Uncle Danny opened a special package from Aunt Theresa Berry:
They got martial art headbands! Look how tough they are:
Nobody will mess with them!

Until later!

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