Wednesday, January 27, 2016

{Quick update about our creations}

Over the last month, we have been a pretty crafty family. First I told you about the kids and mama painting some pottery here. I love how the pieces turned out. Here are some pics:
Lilli with her hedgehog:
 Here is Caden with his bank:
This is what my mug looks like:
Then I shared about my date night and some glass fusing here. Ryan and I were able to pick up that piece, and I LOVE the final result. Isn't it gorgeous?
The next time we have people over, we will be using this to serve something on. The kids love it because there is a spot that looks like an egg on it:
Here's a close-up:
We plan to head back to make some more creations soon. Have you done anything creative lately?

Until later!

Monday, January 18, 2016

{Valentine's Day Teacher Gifts}

The Dollar Section at Target has some super cute Valentine's items. Of course it has already been there for a couple of weeks, so I would high-tail it there if you still want to grab some of the goodies. I checked it out on New Year's Eve, and I decided to grab some items to make little Valentine's gifts for the kids' teachers. I also added a few other things. Here is how they turned out:
 I started with these cute lidded jars with the chalkboard section on the front. I used a chalk marker to write each teacher's name on the front:
I found these magnetic bookmarks in the book section:
I was sold on the owls right away, and then I loved it when I realized they had eye charts on the back!
I got them each a slim candy bar that would fit well in the jars. These are $.99 in the candy aisle:
A few packs of BreathSavers:
Some of the owl tissues I bought in the fall (because they are the Oaklawn Owls):
Two pens each (I kept the black one for myself):
And I filled it up with Conversation Hershey kisses:
I plan to tape the lids to the back of the jar, and then I will put cellophane to wrap the jars up to keep the items inside.

Once I got home, it took around 5 minutes to put both of them together. Not too shabby, and I think they are pretty cute.

Until later!

Friday, January 15, 2016

{office organization: used candle jar turned pen holder}

After we moved into our new house, the office somewhat became the dumping ground for things that had not yet found a permanent home. It bothered me to see things piled up every time I passed the office. Over the holiday break, I finally had time to tackle the office. While it is not perfect, it is MUCH better. My goal was to have a desk that I can sit down and use whenever I would like. That's not too much to ask, right? I can happily report that my desk is now to that point, and it has been for a couple of weeks now. I wanted to show you one thing I did to better organize my pens and pencils. It was super easy, and I love how it looks:
Isn't it cute? And to think it was something I almost just threw away. Here is what it looked liked in the beginning:
That's a thumb hole in my sweatshirt, not a real hole :)
Yep. It was the glass container left from one of my holiday candles:
I went into Pinterest and looked for different ideas to clear it out. I ended up blending a couple of them. I started by taking the label off. While I was doing this, I had some water boiling. I then put a paper towel into the jar:
I held the jar in the boiling water. This melted the wax enough to make it separate from the glass:
I then used the paper towel to hold onto and twist to twist the wax out. I also used a butter knife to pop out the wax:
I poured boiling water into the jar to get the rest of the wax off:
I then added the extra wax into a candle with a similar scent:
I used paper towels to wipe out the rest of the wax, and it was clean:
I love it that the candle also has the cute lid:
It looks great on my desk:
I have a few other empty candle jars that I want to clean out to use as well. I can think of many uses for them, especially because they have lids.

Give it a try if you have some :)

Until later!

Monday, January 11, 2016

{date night: glass fusing + other weekend happenings}

Last week was a busy week, as you could probably tell with the single post, but Ryan and I still found time for a date night Friday. Yay! We were lucky that Aunt Chris (Prust) was able to watch the kiddos. 

I wanted to do more than just go out to dinner, so I switched it up. We are going to rotate each month who gets to choose what we do. This month was my choice. We headed to Appleton and went to The Fire Art Studio to do some glass fusing. We decided to make a two-section serving plate. We worked on it together. We started by deciding to go with an abstract design. Then we checked the pre-broken pieces to see what we could use that was already cut for us. After will filled it in a bit, Ryan then cut some other pieces in colors we liked. Here he is looking all dapper while he cuts some glass:
Here is our dish with all of the pieces on it:
It won't look like a dish until after they fuse the pieces together. We will be able to pick it up this Friday after they fuse it. I am really anxious to see how it turns out. Here are a couple other pics:
I told Ryan that I think we look so tired in the pics. He informed me that was because we were tired :)

After we were done with our creation, we headed to dinner at the Appleton Beer Factory. We had never been there before, but we had heard great things. We really liked it. Ryan also liked the pickled egg that Pat told Ryan to try:
It was a great night.

The great weekend continued the next morning when I woke up and met a lovely group of ladies at 7:30 for a snowy 3.5 mile run. I have not run in a LONG time, but I survived. Thank you to the push from Stephanie, I will be running a leg of a marathon relay in April. Lilli wanted to snuggle a bit when I got home:
Can you tell we are matching?
I also mastered (for me) this French braid thing:

We had Ryan's office Christmas party at our house Saturday night, so it was a pretty packed weekend. All in all, lots of fun! But back into the swing of things today. This is the last week of the semester at my high school, so I will do my best to post more this week :)

Until later!

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

{pushing outside of my comfort zone: skiing}

I am not a skier. Yes, I have gone a couple of times in the past few years, but my skill level is bunny hill. Ryan, however, is a big fan of skiing. And now both of the kiddos are fans. The first time the kids went was two years ago. We mimicked that exact pattern this year. Two years ago only Caden wanted to go. Then Lilli wanted to go the next day.

I still love these pics in particular from 2013. Click on the links above to the original posts to see the rest of the pics and the videos: 

Last year Daddy and Caden were only able to get out skiing once. Lilli didn't have any interest in going agin.

This past weekend was the same schedule as 2013. Only Daddy and Caden went on Saturday, because Lilli didn't want to go. Here's a pic Ryan sent to me:
Then she decided she wanted to go, so we all went on Sunday. I will admit I very begrudgingly went along. While I can handle the bunny hills, I can do without skiing. I'm not a huge fan of the cold, and I don't like the feeling of not being in control. I didn't want to leave Daddy alone with the two, so I agreed to go. He told me he could do it alone, because he said Caden is quite independent now. I couldn't believe Caden was already that independent. Yesterday was Caden's first time using the poles while skiing. And yes, Daddy was right. Caden did a great job! Here are some pics from our day:
Ryan: "Let's take a pic while we are all still smiling."
Can you tell how excited they are?
Fun times!
I don't look scared, right?
Caden trying the poles for the first time.
Too much cute!
Here is a shot of the three of them on a chair lift to ski Gentle Giant.
Here is a video of big shot Caden skiing:

I love this one of Lilli trying things on her own. She really has a great attitude when she skiis:
I am soooo happy I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone. If I hadn't, I would have missed out on all of the fun. It was a beautiful day in the snow :)

Until later!