Wednesday, January 01, 2014

{new year + new blog setup plan}

I decided I wanted to add a little more format to my blog, so I am designating certain days to highlight certain topics. That doesn't mean I won't stray to various topics as they are relevant. And let's be realistic, the kids doing cute things will always be priority one :) Here is what I am planning to do:

Monday: Crafty Sunday recap- Because I still plan to do Crafty Sunday, I figured Monday would be a good day to share whatever I made on Sunday.
Tuesday: Project Life- I will show you how the previous week's Project Life pages look.
Wednesday: Organization- I will focus on my latest home organization project.
Thursday: No Technology Days- I will share the latest non-technology activities the kids have completed.
Friday: Fitness Friday- I again will use the blog to hold myself accountable with my fitness routine.
Saturday and Sunday: Anything- I plan to leave these days open to catch up with anything I may have missed posting during the week.

Like I said, I will always include cute kid things; it doesn't matter what day it is. For example, check out this cute video that Ryan put together with clips from Caden skiing. I love it!

Until later!

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