Friday, October 31, 2014

{Happy Halloween}

I didn't do a great job at all getting any pics today :( I guess I didn't think a lot about it because I got so many pics of the kids in their costumes last weekend. Truthfully, Caden was more interested in handing out candy than he was in going trick-or-treating. As he told me, "I have enough candy." :)

Lilli and Caden both had parties at school, and Lilli was lucky enough to have Grandma as a helper. Here is one of the cute pics she took:
My cute little Mary Poppins
After the kids went to bed I started a hat for Lilli. I will show you the final results tomorrow after I finish it.

Until later!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

{another wig for Lilli

Caden was very sweet to his sister, and he decided to let her use some of the money on one of his Target gift cards. Lilli chose to get a Merida wig, from the Disney movie Brave. Look at this silly girl:
I have to show you this video, too. I told her I would shoot a video to send to Daddy, and she still thought I was just taking a pic:
I laughed my butt off :)

Until later!

Monday, October 27, 2014

{stick and puck}

Tonight was huge for Caden. He finally reached the point where he is able to use a stick and a puck in hockey. He was SO excited to get to class tonight.  Here is one pic and a short video clip:

Until later!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

{Star Wars party}

Today was Caden's Star Wars party, and I am exhausted. I will have to put up a huge post later with all of the pics, but I have a few tidbits to leave you with in the meantime :)

Here is a quick video I shot of what our yard was like at one point with all of the kids playing:
And here is a group shot after the kids battled with Darth Vader (my friend Jesse from school) and a Stormtrooper (Ryan):
It was a great day :) I will share the rest of the pics in a bit!

Until later!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

{Happy 6th Birthday, Caden}

How is it possible that this little guy (who is no longer so little) is 6?! Well, he is. Today was his 6th birthday, and we had a great day.

We started with gymnastics for Lilli:
Then a Starbucks run for some green tea lemonade and scones:
The kids went trick-or-treating at Festival Foods while I picked up some late minute items for Caden's party tomorrow:
Here's a pic of Mary and Bert before we went to the grocery store.
We went to Red Robin for his birthday lunch, which included his very own sundae:
Given the choice to go anywhere for dinner, he chose to stay home and have me make lasagna. Not too bad :) After dinner he decided to put together one of his Lego sets:

We had some cake:
Caden opened his presents from us:
And it was time for bed!!!

Until later!

Friday, October 24, 2014

{sums it up}

This pic of Lilli sums up how I feel as well :) 
I had a cold set in today, so I am beat. Lilli only made it to page two of the first book. Tired little girl...

Until later!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

{why do we buy toys?}

Wednesday night is when Ryan meets with his eMBA group, so I try to have something fun to do with the kids. Tonight I decided to grab some empty boxes from work to let the kids make "cars." They LOVED it. They spent so much time working on their cars. First, Lilli painted the outside:
Then she decided to add some detail on this inside:
Notice she was in the box and on top of the counter. The box outside was still too wet to move, but she insisted she needed to work on the inside.

Caden also spent a lot of time on his:
He also had me cut secret slots and things into his. These boxes entertained them for the entire night. So I ask, why do we buy toys?
He is also snuggled up with a cool Star Wars blanket that he got in the mail today that Grammy made for him :)
Until later!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

{enjoying the remaining beautiful weather}

When I picked up the kids tonight from Grandma and Bumpah, they were enjoying a little bike ride. Look how cute they look:
Yes, that's a pool noodle on the bike :) Gotta make sure I will have grand-babies in the future...
With Caden's birthday party this coming weekend, I have a TON of work to do this week. My first goal for tonight is to decide on the cake design. I am also making cupcakes. This is Caden's first party with his school friends coming, so he is extra excited. At this point, including the kids from the family, we are sitting at around 24 kids. Yep. It should be fun! I plan to make my list of things to do for the rest of the week tomorrow. That helps to keep me on track. This will definitely be a very busy week in the Ames household :)

Until later!

Monday, October 20, 2014

{mullet time!}

While going through our bucket of Halloween supplies, Lilli came across the mullet wig Ryan wore for a costume one year while we lived in Chicago. I laughed my butt off!
She is so silly :)

Until later!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

{Zooloween 2014}

The kids put their Halloween costumes to the test today at the Oshkosh Zooloween. We even found out there was a costume contest, and the kids got second place in their category. It was a great time :) Here are the highlights:
We met up with Baby Stella, Aunt Samantha, and Uncle Danny:

Caden was thrilled to run into Hallie, his "girlfriend" from 4K
Look at those smiles :)
 The kids were surprised to see Daddy as a Storm trooper.
Ryan was there passing out candy for Rotary.
Here the kiddos are on the stage waiting to hear the results:
 Second Place for their category!

This was our first time going to Zooloween, and I know we will go again in the future. The kids had a great time. When we got home it was time to get things ready for dinner. Today was Aunt Samantha's birthday, so we had dinner here to celebrate. While I was getting things ready I noticed the kids were being very quiet. I came out to the living room to find this:
I could have cried. I LOVE puzzles. Neither kid has every shown a really big love for puzzles, but I have always dreamed of the day when we will be able to sit next to each other and put together a puzzle. We are a little closer now :) Plus, how cute is he in this pic?! I love it that he is still wearing his little suspenders with his pants. So cute...

Until later!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

{Halloween costume update}

So far so good this weekend. I have gotten quite a bit accomplished. Lilli did have gymnastics this morning. There were some tears at first (I have no idea why...), but all ended well :) I took a short video. I recorded through the glass window, so try to ignore the horrible glare:
The rest of the day went as planned. We did quite a bit of shopping, and I was able to check a lot off of my Christmas lists. Yay!!!

My biggest accomplishment for tonight was pretty much finishing the kids' Halloween costumes. I tried to keep it simple. Here is a pic that Ryan took:
How adorable are they?! Lilli also has an umbrella, but it was outside drying while he took this pic. I am pretty pleased by how well these both turned out. The best part? The kids absolutely love them. Makes it all worth it :)

Until later!

Friday, October 17, 2014

{this weekend=big plans}

I have big plans for this weekend, but I guess that's the case with any weekend. One of the top things on my list is to get the blog caught up. I have some SUPER cute pics that I am dying to share. This week was a little crazy, so the blog was pushed to the back burner. There are several others things to which I am looking forward this weekend. In no particular order:

Lilli has gymnastics tomorrow morning. She is REALLY enjoying her classes. I really look forward to watching her. Plus, Grandma and Bumpah are coming to watch her. She is pretty stoked.

After gymnastics Pam, Alexis and I headed to the kids' school for a big craft fair. I love going to this every year. I am hoping to snag a couple cute things for the house and maybe even some Christmas presents.

Speaking of presents, right after the craft fair we will be heading over to Fleet Farm for the opening of their Toyland. I get the majority of my Christmas shopping for the kids done here. Because we shop for so many kids, it is nice to have everything in one spot.

Another thing I am planning to accomplish is the kids' Halloween costumes. They are on a huge Mary Poppins kid, so Lilli is going to be Mary Poppins (in her traditional outfit with carpet bag) and Caden wants to be chimney sweep Bert :) Wish me luck. There is a trick-or-treating event at our little zoo on Sunday, so I would like to take the kids to it.

Speaking of Halloween, I would also like to put out the rest of my fall decorations. We don't have much out right now, and the kids really love it when I decorate. Plus I am sure they will help me :)

That's not too much to do, right? I will leave you with some pics from last Saturday when we went to The Little Farmer with my brother, Samantha, and Baby Stella. The weather was perfect. It was a great day. Enjoy!

 The first thing the kids wanted to do was play in the kid area:
 Look how big Lilli looks!
The kids really had a fun time playing together. I love their faces in this pic:
Who would think riding in a fake tractor would be so fun?
Running up bales of straw is always fun:
Big brother helping his sister:
Of course we needed to take some pics with the pumpkins:
We quickly had to move from this spot, because there were bees on the flowers.
Love this pic with the kiddos:
 Had to sneak into the pic with my cuties:
Then it was time to hunt down some perfect pumpkins:
This pic of Lilli makes me laugh. Look at her face :)
We had success finding two cute pumpkins, so they both loaded their pumpkins into the sleeping bags we brought:
My strong little kiddos:

 Before we left Caden also wanted to feed the goats. Here he is turning the crank to take the cup of food up to the little bridge where the goat was standing:
 It really was a great day!

Until later (which will hopefully not be too much later!),