Friday, October 17, 2014

{this weekend=big plans}

I have big plans for this weekend, but I guess that's the case with any weekend. One of the top things on my list is to get the blog caught up. I have some SUPER cute pics that I am dying to share. This week was a little crazy, so the blog was pushed to the back burner. There are several others things to which I am looking forward this weekend. In no particular order:

Lilli has gymnastics tomorrow morning. She is REALLY enjoying her classes. I really look forward to watching her. Plus, Grandma and Bumpah are coming to watch her. She is pretty stoked.

After gymnastics Pam, Alexis and I headed to the kids' school for a big craft fair. I love going to this every year. I am hoping to snag a couple cute things for the house and maybe even some Christmas presents.

Speaking of presents, right after the craft fair we will be heading over to Fleet Farm for the opening of their Toyland. I get the majority of my Christmas shopping for the kids done here. Because we shop for so many kids, it is nice to have everything in one spot.

Another thing I am planning to accomplish is the kids' Halloween costumes. They are on a huge Mary Poppins kid, so Lilli is going to be Mary Poppins (in her traditional outfit with carpet bag) and Caden wants to be chimney sweep Bert :) Wish me luck. There is a trick-or-treating event at our little zoo on Sunday, so I would like to take the kids to it.

Speaking of Halloween, I would also like to put out the rest of my fall decorations. We don't have much out right now, and the kids really love it when I decorate. Plus I am sure they will help me :)

That's not too much to do, right? I will leave you with some pics from last Saturday when we went to The Little Farmer with my brother, Samantha, and Baby Stella. The weather was perfect. It was a great day. Enjoy!

 The first thing the kids wanted to do was play in the kid area:
 Look how big Lilli looks!
The kids really had a fun time playing together. I love their faces in this pic:
Who would think riding in a fake tractor would be so fun?
Running up bales of straw is always fun:
Big brother helping his sister:
Of course we needed to take some pics with the pumpkins:
We quickly had to move from this spot, because there were bees on the flowers.
Love this pic with the kiddos:
 Had to sneak into the pic with my cuties:
Then it was time to hunt down some perfect pumpkins:
This pic of Lilli makes me laugh. Look at her face :)
We had success finding two cute pumpkins, so they both loaded their pumpkins into the sleeping bags we brought:
My strong little kiddos:

 Before we left Caden also wanted to feed the goats. Here he is turning the crank to take the cup of food up to the little bridge where the goat was standing:
 It really was a great day!

Until later (which will hopefully not be too much later!),

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