Monday, June 30, 2014

{haircuts + Lilli's photoshoot}

Caden and Lilli both got haircuts today. William went and chilled out at the office with Ryan while I took the kiddos for their cuts. The rest of the day we played at the house. We ended the night by watching a little American Ninja Warrior. Caden LOVES this show. He always goes on about how he thinks he will be able to do all of the events. William liked watching it, too. Here are a couple of shots that Lilli took of William:
 Look how happy he looks:
This is William's last night with us. The family will be home from Peru tomorrow.

Until later!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

{a beautiful day on the playground}

The weather was great today. Ryan had to head to the office to get a little bit of work done, so the kids and I took the opportunity to walk over to the park at Traeger. They had a great time. I took some shots when the kids rested a little with some applesauce squeeze packets:
 Look at William's face in this one:
 He thought it was so funny that they were making silly faces:
 Caden rode his bike to Traeger, but Caden and William chilled out in our wagon:
 So cute:
The other highlight of the day for the kids was when I found a small toad in our yard. Caden got this shot with my phone:
 The kids thought the toad was so cute:
Until later!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

{Heading back early...then crashing}

We went for one more bike ride this morning to see another tunnel, and then we headed for home. We are all pretty tired, and we decided it was time to head back. We got home, unpacked, and then played around the house. The kids were pretty tired from the camping trip. Check out this shot that Ryan got of the kiddos:
Photo: We have had my (almost) 2 y/o nephew William for the past 2 weeks. Tonight he went home. I'll miss the little bugger. It was great being able to bond and have him fit in so well with his cousins.
I love it. Side note: How great is the new rug that I got for the living room? It's great. And it's also obviously pretty comfortable :)

Until later!

Friday, June 27, 2014

{Playing around the campsite + Elroy Fair}

We hung around the campsite today. I am sure Caden wanted to go for another bike ride, but truthfully my butt needed a rest :) When you aren't used to riding a bike anymore, you can definitely feel 12 miles...everywhere. We started this morning with fruit and yogurt parfaits. The kids LOVED them. They each at two cupfuls. They were happy campers...get it? campers...
 Even got a thumbs up from Lilli:
After breakfast we headed out to the Elroy Fair. We saw signs for it as we came into town for camping, so we decided this would be something fun for the kids. The had 10 big blow ups for the kids to play on. It was $10 to play on all of them for all day. William fell asleep on the way there, so just Lilli and Caden played on them. They were laughing and running for blow up to blow up:
 Check out this sweet princess one:
 They just ran and ran:
 Lilli's face is hilarious in this pic:
 I don't think she could have had more fun:
 They were even able to race on some of them:
 After cooling off with some shaved ice, the kids went to feed some bunnies:
William wasn't too sure at first, but he warmed when Uncle Ryan helped him:
 Lilli was like a bunny whisperer:
She did such a great job. She even got nipped by one of the bunnies, but she didn't even cry:
The kids still had a lot of fun playing on the campgrounds. We swam some more, and they practiced some ball hitting skills.

It was a great day. Lilli was particularly tired :)
Until later!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

{Finally some sunshine=bike riding, mini-golf, swimming...}

We had a pretty restful first night. It rained throughout the night. Lilli was my little snuggle buddy for the night:
We were so happy that the rain finally stopped. We wanted to take advantage of the nice weather and go for our bike ride to see some of the tunnels today:
Here are the boys in front of us:
 Here are the boys above the tunnel. Can you see them up there? Way up there!
 Here is a zoomed in shot of the happy guys:
I looked back at the trailer after taking pics of the boys, and this is what Lilli looked like:
 I was laughing my butt off!

Here is another nice shot of the guys:
William didn't make it too long before he fell asleep:
Here is a nice close-up:
After we got back to the campsite, the kids also wanted to play a little mini-golf. They had a lot of fun. Not really sure we can call what they ended up doing mini-golf. William did hit the ball a couple of times. He pretty much just wanted to follow Caden around:
Lilli started out the course with a hole in one:
Look at Ryan in this shot:
He is so funny!
This shot shows all of the kids playing:
We spent some time at the playground as well:
The weather was nice enough to spend some time at the pool as well:
I think we crammed in a lot for one day. So much that it was an early night...for all of us :)
Until later!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

{Rain, rain go away...}

We left today for camping. By the time we got to our spot, the rain started. And kept going...and going... Poor Ryan. He set up the camper in the torrential rain while I stayed in the van with the kiddos:
It was a very soggy night :)
 Can you see Ryan in the mirror?
 Yep, the rain just didn't stop. Caden thought it was hilarious that Ryan said his underwear were even wet.
 Didn't take long for Lilli to fall asleep:
 Caden and William still had a little bit of energy, so they watched a little "Lego Movie."
On a brighter note, here are some super cute pics of the kiddos playing earlier this week. Happy thoughts for these wet times :)
Until later!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

{curtains for the camper}

I finally finished the curtains for the camper. I realize they may not be really done. We will see how they are after the camping trip. I think I will need to do some fine-tuning. Here is what they look like:
 I think the patterned fabric looks really good with the original green panels that we kept:
Sorry the pics aren't better. These curtains took a large chunk of my afternoon today. Side note: I LOVE my sewing machine that Ryan got me for my birthday. I don't even know how I used that other machine. This one is amazing... I see a lot of sewing in my future :)

Until later!