Saturday, May 31, 2014

{Caden's solo birthday party + playing with Grace}

Caden had his first birthday party today where he stayed by himself! He already was saying goodbye to me as I pulled up to the house. He is getting to be such a big boy. Here he is with the birthday girl Madilynn:
Before I took the pic, he looked over to the others at the party and said, "My mama likes to take pictures." Yep, I do :)

Mama and Daddy had a get together with Daddy's classmates tonight for a little bit, so Aunt Lexie came over to play with the kiddos for awhile. They were very happy that she also brought along her niece Grace. Check out this cute pic of the kids playing together:
The weather was beautiful, so it was a great day!

Until later!

Friday, May 30, 2014

{Special Memories Zoo + a sleepover}

The kids were spoiled rotten today when Grandma and Bumpah took them to Special Memories Zoo in Greenville. Caden went there a couple of weeks ago for a field trip, and he really liked it. They had a great time:
Very sensible outfit that Lilli chose :)
 The kids' favorite part of the trip was holding the bunnies. Look how happy Lilli looks!
They ended the perfect day with a sleepover at Grandma and Bumpah's house. They have looked forward to the sleepover all week :) Mama and Dadda got closer to getting caught up on some shows that have been sitting on the DVR unwatched for quite awhile. Win-win!

Until later!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

{a bedtime story: Rhyming Dust Bunnies}

Another book the kids are loving right now is Rhyming Dust Bunnies by Jan Thomas:
One of the main reasons they love it so much is because of all of the rhyming and repetition. Ryan captured each kid reading the book tonight. Lilli needed a little more help than Caden did :) Enjoy!
Caden reading: 
Lilli reading:

Until later!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

{hot tub removal}

I know we haven't had our hot tub that long, but it was long time for it to go. The thing has been a money pit since I got the great deal on it from Craigslist.  I have been over excited to get it off of our deck in order to better utilize the space.  Here are some before shots (ignore the mess):
Look at Lilli's face!
 Here are the big strong men removing the beast:
Stay tuned for updated pics in a couple of weeks. I have some big plans for this space :) We did like having the hot tub, so we will probably get one again in the future. But that won't be for at least five years, and we will make sure to get a new one this time. Lesson learned...

Until later!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

{back into order}

Now that my crazy month of May is almost over (yay!), I am trying to get everything in my life back in order. I am starting with our house. Many things were put to the side while taking care of various things this month. I am really looking forward to everything getting all organized and cleaned. I started yesterday, and I plan to keep going strong until everything is done. Here is one of the built ins from the dining room:
I pulled things out, dusted, and the rearranged some things. I put the DVDs on the bottom shelf to get them off of the cabinet under the TV. I also added the basket on the lower right with the kids coloring books. They are easily in reach, because they are next to their table:
I so love this old school house table. Still one of my favorite presents...
I will keep you updated with the other changes.

I also plan to start working on the camper this weekend. The old curtains are in the washing machine as I type :) I will be washing those to cut off them tops and add new, nice fabric over the top. It will be so nice to freshen that up.

I have big plans for our back deck as well. I am super excited that we are having someone come to pick up our hot tub tomorrow. While we did love having the hot tub, it was becoming a bit of a money pit. Once Ryan told me the pipes froze up over the winter, I knew we needed to get rid of it. I have other ideas for that space on the deck. I think we may get another in the future when the kids are older, but not for awhile. And if we do get another one, it will definitely be new.

Tonight the kids played outside while I put together dinner. I went out to call them in and found Caden like this at the table:
He was creating a treasure map in his special notebook. He told me it was a "spy treasure map." Then he corrected himself, because it was actually a "spy ninja treasure map." Such a funny guy.

Until later!

Monday, May 26, 2014

{Happy Memorial Day}

Thankful today for all who have sacrificed for us. So grateful to live in this great country. So happy to have the family I do. Days like today sometimes do not come often enough. We were together as our family of four, and we were together all day. We worked on things around the house, but we also had plenty of time for playing.

One of the things accomplished was washing Ryan's car. Lilli was a great help:
 So cute I can't take it...
Ryan also found the time to construct the deck storage box. Check out these videos. He was trying to film one to send to Grandma and Bumpah. He ended up sending them all three videos :)
It was a great day :)

Until later!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

{on the road again}

After a quick lunch with Amma, Ampa, and Aunt Steph, we hit the road to come back to Oshkosh. It was a whirlwind of a trip, but we have quite a few things we need to do around the house tomorrow. It was nice not having to rush to get back. Lilli slept for a chuck of the trip this time:
We also stopped at PF Chang's in Milwaukee for dinner. So good. Check out these goofballs:
We pulled into the house around 8 pm. We unpacked, played for a little bit, and then we hit the hay! Lilli also wanted to try on a dress from Amma as soon as we got home:

Until later!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

{a quick visit + Samantha's Toledo Shower}

We had a quick visit with Grandpa, Aunt Diane, and Jim in Perrysburg for lunch. It was nice to be able to see them, even if it was a super quick visit. Ryan even managed to sneak in a couple of pics:
Caden is laughing if you can't tell :)
Samantha's second shower was tonight in Toledo. My Aunt Ann arranged to have it at Jing Chuan restaurant, and everything was great. It was so nice to see my family. I am sorry I didn't take very many pics. Here are some (including some I stole from my Aunt Theresa from Facebook):

Photo: Beautiful picture and lots of smiles!!!
Look at how cute her bump is in this pic.

 My Aunt Ann did a great job with the cake and decorations:
They perfectly matched the bedding from the room :)
The cake was delicious.
Look at the cute elephants!
After the shower headed back to Aunt Chris and Uncle Johnny's house. All of the men were waiting there for the women folk to come home :) We visited for the rest of the evening. It was a nice night.

Until later!

Friday, May 23, 2014

{Toledo, here we come!}

We left tonight for Toledo. Samantha's second baby shower will be tomorrow night, so we decided it would be fun for all of us to tag along. My brother is already in Ohio, so Samantha hitched a ride with us. It worked for Ryan to come as well because it is a holiday weekend, and he doesn't have class this Saturday. Not too many pics from today. Here we are getting ready to hit the road:
That's Samantha's arm :)
We got to Toledo around midnight our time, and both kids were wide awake. That is what happens when you take some substantial naps on the way. Thank God for their Leap Pads...

Until later!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

{haircuts for the cuties}

Last night I took both kiddos to get their hair cut. Check out these before and afters:
Lilli before
Lilli after
Caden before
He was being a little bashful...
Caden after
Thanks, Catie :)

Until later!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

{Samantha's Oshkosh Baby Shower}

As promised, I will share the details today from Samantha's shower. It was such a great day. I went with a country chic theme, and I tried to bring in her colors from the nursery (pink, green, and black). I got some of the decorations at Target and all of the rest at Party City. I got these cute little pinwheels from Party City:
They were super cheap and came five in a packet. We used pink or green table clothes from Party City. Alexis picked up beautiful flowers that added a lot to the decor:
My friend Jessica inspired me to use mason jars as glasses:
I used these super cute paper straws from Target:
I forgot to take a pic, but I made this Easy Raspberry Lemonade Punch. It is also from my friend Jessica. Everybody loved it. The punch looked great in the mason jars with the paper straws. You can see the punch in the glasses in this pic:
I wanted to take a pic of Samantha with everyone, so we set up an area to take pics. Luckily the church had two room dividers already there, so we just added crepe paper and some of the pinwheels. I also bought a small chalkboard from Hobby Lobby and wrote a message on it:
 It turned out pretty well:
How cute does she look?!
I also borrowed an old window from a friend to put the name tags on for people:
Alexis cut out all of the onesies using her Cricut.

Here is also a shot of the table next to the window. Notice the burlap covering the table to keep with the country chic theme. There were large safety pins for people to attach the onesies to their shirts:
 Alexis also used her Cricut and some more of the burlap to make a Stella banner to hang over the food table:
We did a soup and salad theme for the food. The soups were chili and my grandma's potato soup. Yum! The menu was perfect because it wasn't too labor intensive, and we were able to put most of the food together ahead of time.
We only played two games. One was matching baby socks in a basket. I bought around 20 pair of colorful little girl socks:
and I separated all of the pairs and put them in a basket. Everyone then had to try to sort the socks as quickly as possible with a partner. The rule was that the socks were not allowed to leave the basket until they were matched, and then the timer would stop when all socks had been matched up and put back into the basket. There were some serious competitors:
Everyone mentioned that it was a lot harder than they thought it would be. While people were doing this, Samantha was able to walk around and visit with people. I also had a baby shower word scramble on the table for people to do.
The next game we did was match the celebrity baby name with the celebrity couple. This was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I ended up allowing people to use their phones for three minutes to help:
 I also let them know if the baby was a girl or boy for each celebrity couple:
I think my face is hilarious in this pic. Cute dress, huh?
We had prizes for the games:
We went with sewing kits, Bath and Body Works soaps, and pretty note pads with pens.

Next it was time for cake:
We cut the cake and then by the time everyone got their cake, Samantha had eaten hers and was ready to start tackling her presents:
Pam, Alexis, and I were the ones to host the shower.
 Check out that gift table!
I wrote down all of the gifts while Samantha opened so many wonderful gifts. That also included this beautiful handmade quilt from Chris:
Samantha loves purple and gray together.
I will end with this pic. I think it does a pretty decent job of showing the room. It was the perfect amount of space:
It was a great shower! Hope you enjoyed the pics :) I have to give a big thank to my sister-in-law Cara for taking almost all of the pics I shared on here. She was the photographer for the day, and she also helped with setup and take down for the shower. Thank you also to Alexis and Pam for all of their hard work.

Until later!