Monday, May 05, 2014

{Caden's Mother's Day Tea}

Peter Pan Nursery School had a Mother's Day celebration tonight. Caden has been excited about it for awhile now. The kids made us special gifts, and they sang us four songs. It was so precious. I did take a video of the singing, but I still need to upload the video. In the meantime, here are some pic highlights:
 He painted a special vase for me, too:
This is the cover of a coupon booklet he made for me:
The translation is: I promise... to feed the dog. He explained that he didn't have enough space to write that all, so he shortened up the words.

I think his favorite part was probably getting to eat the cupcake after he sang:
There was also some time to play outside before we headed home.
Cousin Adin was there, too, because he is in the 3K program.
It was such a nice time with my little man, who suddenly isn't as little as before.

Until later!

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