Tuesday, May 27, 2014

{back into order}

Now that my crazy month of May is almost over (yay!), I am trying to get everything in my life back in order. I am starting with our house. Many things were put to the side while taking care of various things this month. I am really looking forward to everything getting all organized and cleaned. I started yesterday, and I plan to keep going strong until everything is done. Here is one of the built ins from the dining room:
I pulled things out, dusted, and the rearranged some things. I put the DVDs on the bottom shelf to get them off of the cabinet under the TV. I also added the basket on the lower right with the kids coloring books. They are easily in reach, because they are next to their table:
I so love this old school house table. Still one of my favorite presents...
I will keep you updated with the other changes.

I also plan to start working on the camper this weekend. The old curtains are in the washing machine as I type :) I will be washing those to cut off them tops and add new, nice fabric over the top. It will be so nice to freshen that up.

I have big plans for our back deck as well. I am super excited that we are having someone come to pick up our hot tub tomorrow. While we did love having the hot tub, it was becoming a bit of a money pit. Once Ryan told me the pipes froze up over the winter, I knew we needed to get rid of it. I have other ideas for that space on the deck. I think we may get another in the future when the kids are older, but not for awhile. And if we do get another one, it will definitely be new.

Tonight the kids played outside while I put together dinner. I went out to call them in and found Caden like this at the table:
He was creating a treasure map in his special notebook. He told me it was a "spy treasure map." Then he corrected himself, because it was actually a "spy ninja treasure map." Such a funny guy.

Until later!

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