Tuesday, March 29, 2016

{Happy Belated Easter: Spring Break recap}

I had a wonderful spring break last week, and I thought I would share a little of what we did. The kids did not have break (they have it this week), but Ryan and I were able to spend a lot of time both getting things done and also spending extra time with the kids when they got home from school. It was so nice to be able to drop off and pick up the kids from school:
I also decided to do some mama pampering, so I met up with my friend Leah for a manicure and a pedicure. Now I have lovely lilac nails :) We went out to lunch (Ryan joined us), and then after we picked up the kids from school, we took them to county park to do some geocaching. Here are some pics:
I think Daddy had just as much fun as the kids did:

Lilli was pretty excited to hold the geocache:
This is Ryan's favorite that he posted on Facebook:
Notice the text with it?
That night we also all worked on Lilli's homework. Here is what the assignment was:
Caden got in on the action as well:
I don't remember exactly what happened before I took this pic, but Ryan's expression is hilarious.
They had a great time :) There were quite a few marshmallows eaten in the process of construction.

Tuesday after school we surprised the kids and took them to the movie theater to see Zootopia. It was great! The kids loved it. Well, Caden was the one who saw the entire movie; Lilli was asleep for the last half hour:

It was really hard to get a decent pic:
Wednesday I worked on Easter baskets while the kids were at school. They love fishing at Grandma and Grandpa's house in the summer, so we decided on tackle boxes this year instead of baskets. I tried to fill them with "fishing themed" things.
Swedish fish candies:

Some gummy worms:

I also had to throw in some more traditional candy as well. These eggs from Costco were so beautiful:

Here is how the box looked filled:

I did end up adding just a few more things to the top.

When the kids got home from school, they were excited because our snow storm had arrived. We made Rice Krispy Treat eggs. They turned out to be super cute:
Thursday the kids had a snow day, so they were able to enjoy sleeping in. After we went to a couple of appointments we had (which we made before we knew there would be a snow day for the kids), the kids and I did some arts and crafts while Daddy worked on some work. I worked on a project for the Master Bedroom. I have been trying to figure out what to put on the wall behind our bed, and I was able to finally get it done. I like it:
Those are mirrors above our nightside tables. There are still some more things to figure out, but I love it so far.

We also hosted Easter at our house on Sunday, so we worked to make sure the house was in order for that. Check out how cute our fireplace looks:
See the bunnies below the mantel?
Easter Day itself was wonderful. We started it off at church, where we had a wonderful service. Then we headed home to finish up the food and set up. Everyone arrived at noon, and the kids had a GREAT time. Here are some pics:
Yes, my kids are goofballs...
Here are all of the kids before the Easter Egg hunt:
At least we can see all of their faces :)
Here they are in the middle of the hunt:
I also got some extra time with little Guin:
I hope everyone else had a great holiday as well.

I have some other things that I was able to accomplish during the week, and I will share those with you later this week :)

Until later!

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

{It was a cake-filled weekend!}

I know I have still been pretty quiet on here, but I have been really busy. Here are a couple of reasons why:
Cake One
Cake Two
I made the first cake for my friend Katie's daughter Kayana's 6th birthday. She loved it:

The second cake I made for my colleague Hannah's baby shower. I did quite a few things in addition to the cakes, but those were definitely a highlight :)

Until later!