Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday, Lilli!

Now that the summer is over, I guess it is time to start blogging again :) I know that it would make more sense to blog a lot during the summer, but I seemed to have even less time then. I chose to spend more time with the kiddos :) Good choice. I will update you periodically about our summer. It was a full time. It even included a trip to see Mickey Mouse again. Stay posted for that.

Today was Lilli's 2nd birthday! It is so hard to believe it has already been two years! Yesterday was her birthday party. It was a Princess and Knight party. I think everyone had a great time. Here are some of the highlights:

William (my nephew- Cara and Jordon's second child) showing off his knightliness :)
No comment is really necessary :)
We always have plenty of food :)

The kids enjoyed it. Notice their crown shaped turkey and cheese sandwiches.  
They especially loved the marshmallows dipped in white chocolate tinted pink.

The Princess cake
Checking out her new princess doll.

She wanted to wear her new princess dress right away.
She even wore the tiara long enough for a quick pic!
She loved her cake.

Blowing out the candles.

Lilli and her knights
It's impossible to get them all smiling at the same time :)
A HUGE thank you goes out to Andrew and Nicole Josephs for allowing us to borrow their bounce house. It was a big favorite of the kids. 

We didn't go too overboard for the decorations. I made a banner with my Cricut, but my favorite thing was the Ryan turned the swing set clubhouse (as Caden calls it) into a castle. It turned out great.

Caden helped Dadda paint the castle.
The knights and the castle

Princess Lilli loved the castle as well.
Princess Lilli had a great day.

Since today was her actual birthday, we wanted to do something special as well. That is why we decided to surprise the kids and take them to Chuck E Cheese. They were thrilled. Uncle Danny, Aunt Samantha, Aunt Lexie, Grandma, and Bumpah went, too. It was a fun time, plus the pizza isn't too bad either :)

Riding the roller coaster ride with Caden

Riding an animal noise making ride
Doing some shooting with Aunt Lexie
My girl is always up for some cake!
Uncle Danny and Dadda also sacrificed and played games to win tickets for the kids.

We also ran a couple errands after playing. We stopped at DSW so Ryan could find some shoes. Lilli came running up to me holding a shoe saying, "Shoe for Lilli." Here is what she was showing me:

We are in for trouble with this one... :)