Wednesday, February 08, 2017

{Second semester already?! Skiing & WQW}

It is hard to believe that half of the school year has already passed. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was freaking out about starting a job at a new school. This year is flying by, and each day I know more that I made the right decision. I am very needed here, and it feels very good to know I am making a difference in quite a few students' lives.

I am very ready for winter to pass. (Just one more month!) I know the kiddos want some more snow, so they would not agree with me. They still would like to ski A LOT more this winter. They were able to go this past weekend. Check out these cute videos Ryan took:

I was not with them, because it was our annual Wizard Quest Weekend. Alexis, Cara, Samantha, and I were in the Dells for the weekend of shopping and wizard hunting :) I explained more about that in this post here. I even have my wand tutorial there :) Yes, we still bring our wands with us. Here are some pics of WQW from this year:
Here we are prior to the questing :)
Look at the intense concentration... 
Such a happy place to be :)
You just feel like a kid here :)
The fire realm can be a little creepy.
Success! We were able to free Paradisis!
So much fun! I did get a nasty bruise above my left knee from the ball pit tunnel. For someone who is not claustrophobic, that tunnel is the thing of nightmares! Here I am coming out of the tunnel:


Until later!