Saturday, April 29, 2017

{Spring Break: Tommy Bartlett Exploratory}

Lilli's choice for our day in the Dells during our mini spring break trip was to go to the Tommy Bartlett Science Exploratory. We had never been there before, but we were very aware of it. It is a science center with over 150 different hands-on things for the kids to do. It is quite out-dated, but the kids still had a fun time. Lilli refers to it as the place "that makes your hair stand up." You will see why in the pictures :)

Lilli wasn't too sure at first. Ryan and I had a good laugh when we got in. Notice the robot behind me? Its name is was Ah-2. Just a little similar to Star Wars. And doesn't that look like C3PO by Caden? Yep. We thought it was funny.

It was nice spending so much uninterrupted time with the kids.

They even had to work together:

I love this pic:

Here we are to the hair standing up part. This is the only thing Lilli remembered in the advertisements. So when she told me she wanted to go to the place that makes your hair stand up, we figured it out :

Nice new look for me:

Floating Lilli head:

The kids also loved using their bodies to land in a parachute:

Daddy got into it as well:

They even worked together again at the end to life an SUV. Such strong kids!

Outdated? Yes. Still fun for the kids? Yes. It just added to our great day in the Dells.

Until later!

Friday, April 28, 2017

{Spring Break 2017: Wizard Quest}

As I mentioned yesterday, we did a little more than just lounge around during our spring break in the little cabin. On Sunday we went to the Dells to go to Wizard Quest, and we met up with Aunt Cara, Uncle Jordon, Andrew, William, and Guin. The great part about the day trip was it took under 30 minutes to get there. Nice! We surprised the kids and didn't tell them that we would be meeting their cousins there. We knew that we would be taking this day trip, so we allowed Caden and Lilli to each choose one thing they wanted to do. Caden was hands down for Wizard Quest. Lilli chose the Tommy Bartlett Science Exploratory, and I will share pics with you later about that.

I know I've posted about Wizard Quest a lot, so I won't take any space here rehashing that. If you don't remember what it is, you can read this post. The kids all had a GREAT time. I made sure that this time I did a better job of staying with the group and not just trying to solve riddles. That stressed Ryan out a little too much last time when he was left alone with all kids at different points :) I am a little competitive sometimes... The kids were thrilled to be going to Wizard Quest, but they were even more thrilled to spend time with their cousins. They are so fortunate to have cousins so close in age. Here are some of the pics:

One of the reasons the kids love it here so much is the many different places to explore:

The kids did a great job taking turns holding the tablet:

Hard at work trying to solve problems:

Lilli decided she needed to rock the glow necklace, too:

 This place is definitely on my list of happy places :)

There is a lot of teamwork at Wizard Quest:

And goofiness:

Even fun for little ones!

Lots of combined brain power here:

What a good-looking group!

The steep slide is one of the favorites here. For the adults, too :)

Guin seemed to enjoy herself, too:

After all of their hard work, we needed to stop for a lunch:
It was even nice enough outside (upper 6o's) that we were able to eat outdoors and enjoy the views.

What a wonderful day we had! 

Until later!