Friday, January 31, 2014

{Fitness Friday: T25 Week One}

This week was great! Ryan and I got up every morning (Monday-Friday) and did T25. By Thursday it wasn't even hard to get up. The alarm went off, and I hopped out of bed. I really like the format of T25. Doing something different every day is nice. It is HARD, but it's only 25 minutes. Ryan also noticed yesterday morning how much extra time we seem to have in the morning. Overall, it is great. We have one more workout for this week, and we will be doing that on Sunday. Here is what the layout of a typical week is:

Monday: Cardio
Tuesday: Speed
Wednesday: Total Body
Thursday: Ab Intervals
Friday: Lower Body
Saturday: Cardio
Sunday: Stretch

Usually people do two in a row on Friday, but we decided to do an extra on the weekend. And Sunday is only Stretch, so that should be nice.

Were you active this week?

Until later!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

{No Technology Thursday: Cloud Dough + Ryan's birthday dinner}

Every Thursday we have No Technology day in our house. While the kids are awake, that goes for Mama and Dada, too. They do understand that for work we sometimes will need to use our phones and computers. Caden is always quick to remind us to put away the phone if he sees one of us grab it :)

For next few months I am leaded RAP sessions after school from 4-5:30, so that cuts down on my time at home with the kids before bed. That doesn't mean that we are giving up No Technology Thursday. Oh no! I just have to be a better planner :) In order to allow for more play time, I put together and par-baked our Mexican Lasagna last night for tonight. Now I just needed to come home and pop it into the oven. (If you wanted to know, it was EXCELLENT. I would definitely make it again!) While it was baking, the kids and I played with Cloud Dough. The kids have played with this at different places, like the Children's Museum in Green Bay, but we have never had it at home. I found the recipe for it here. It looked easy enough, and only taking five minutes to make wasn't too bad. Now I realized as I was making this that it could potentially be a big mess, but that is why I have a vacuum cleaner. I am already vacumming daily, plus with sensory things out like this rice play area:
there has been extra vacuuming anyway :) Side note: you would be AMAZED by how kids love to play with rice. They can write their names in it with a chopstick, use a cookie cutter to "cut" into it, they can pour it... The possibilities are endless.

Back to the Cloud Dough. It was very easy to make, and it only requires two ingredients: 4 cups of flour and 1/2 cup of oil (ideally baby oil, but vegetable oil worked great for us).

All you have to do it mix it together with your hands for five minutes. That's it! I took the recipe and quickly gathered the ingredients before Grandma and Bumpah brought the kiddos to the house. It was VERY easy. I did put parchment paper down to mix it on to prevent a total disaster on my kitchen counter.

Overall, they really liked it. Once it turned into Cloud Dough, they used cookie cutters to play in it. I divided what I made in half, and then I put each half on its own lipped cookie sheet. It is a cool substance because it is wet and dry at the same time. I know, it doesn't make sense. You just have to make some and play with it yourself! Here are some pics:

Before I go I have to update you about Ryan's birthday dinner last night. We had a great time. I made Chicken and Dumpling soup, Ryan's request. Uncle Danny and Aunt Samantha joined us for dinner as well.

The kids loved helping Dada open his presents:
We got him a Drake sweatshirt, a Drake t-shirt, and the MASH DVD series collection. Once he is done with school, I am sure he will have time to watch it... I hope :)

Instead of a cake, we had brownies. We still had to sing "Happy Birthday," of course :)
It was a very nice and relaxing evening. Before Uncle Danny and Aunt Samantha left, Caden and Uncle Danny opened a special package from Aunt Theresa Berry:
They got martial art headbands! Look how tough they are:
Nobody will mess with them!

Until later!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

{Organization Wednesday: School Edition + Happy Birthday, Ryan!}

I have to start by saying Happy Birthday to Ryan. We started the morning right with our T25 workout. I will post pics from tonight and his birthday dinner tomorrow :)

I decided to switch things up a bit for Organization Wednesday and show off some of my organizational techniques in my classroom. I know I did a little classroom tour before school started, but this time I can let you see a little bit more of where I spend the bulk of my week.

I will start with the table where my students turn in their work:
I love it... It makes me happy :)

I have a basket for each class I teach so the work doesn't get mixed up.

I also have the organizer here with supplies that my students may use:
I have this in the front of my room:
I put extra copies of assignments for each class. Then I have them in one spot. It saves a lot of time for me when students need an extra copy.

Here is my bulletin board with information for my students. I have my weekly lesson plans posted here, the school calendar, and also the grading scale that I use:
Here are some overall shots of my classroom:
Looking from the front to the back
Another shot from the front looking to the back
From the back looking to the front
Here is my desk:
Yes, it usually looks like this. I can't stand it when I have things piled up on my desk. I can't function that way. By the end of the day, I will also have that stack of papers and book put away as well.

I did end up filling the bulletin board with pics:
I also have pics behind my desk:
And on the radiator (Is that what it is?) next to my desk:
I also have pics from the kids (both home and school kids) below
Hope you enjoyed the tour of my organizational items in my classroom! Next week I will be back at home with my Organization Wednesday :)

Until later!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

{Project Life: Week Four + Cold Day Two}

Welcome to a tour of these week's Project Life! Check out the highlights from our lives last week. If you want to learn more about Becky Higgins' Project Life, click here. It is a perfect way to capture the memories we are creating every day.

Last week's layout was fun, because I included an insert (for the first time!)to hold some extra pics. Because Ryan took the kids to the Fond du Lac Children's Museum on Friday, we ended up with quite a few pics. Take a look:
If you look at the first page, you can see that I included a screen shot of a text message I received from the director or Lilli's preschool. She was texting to tell me that Lilli is doing so much better socializing with her classmates. Previously, she was VERY shy in class. This text made me so happy, so I thought it needed to be included for the week.

Here is the insert page:
 I like that including this allowed me to have room as well for the passports the kids stamped at the museum:

 And here is the last page:
 Last week's layout really had a variety of pics, and I think it does an excellent job of capturing our busy lives from last week.
Today was Day Two of the cold. The kiddos and I didn't leave the house today. It was great :) Truthfully, we didn't do very much. Caden decided right away this morning that we would wear our pajamas all day. I made it until 10, and then I HAD to put some jeans on. We snuggled, watched movies, and played around the house. I crocheted while we were watching the movies. I made each kiddo a hat per Caden's request:
I have a flower that I also crocheted and need to add to the side of Lilli's hat. I'll post another pic after I do that. They LOVED them.

Another thing we did today was make Banana Swirl. That is what Daniel Tiger made on an episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. It is just frozen bananas that are blended. It tastes like banana ice cream. We started with three bananas:
Then I sliced them up:
And Lilli put them in a Ziplock bag:
Check out that glorious bed head on that girl!
It was so cold today that we put the bag outside instead of in the freezer. When we decided to blend up the bananas after lunch, they were too hard to even blend. I took out about six pieces and put them in the microwave to soften them up a bit. The kiddos were VERY excited:
It takes a little bit of time, and you need to keep stopping to shake the blender. Once it started to smooth together, it was fine. Here is what it looks like:
Both Caden and Lilli thought it was very good:
I liked it, too.

Overall, it was a very nice and relaxing day. Back to normal tomorrow!

Until later!

Monday, January 27, 2014

{Menu Monday + Cold Day #1}

I am no longer posting Crafty Sunday on Monday, so I decided to share my weekly menu on Monday. It will also give me a good time to mention anything else from the weekend I may have forgotten. That happens sometimes:)

Here's the plan for this week:
Monday: Beef Stew (I am planning to combine my friend Jessica's and Paula Dean's)
Tuesday: Baked Chicken (We will be stuck in the house all day, why not bake a chicken? Plus I can use the carcass and extra meat for dinner tomorrow)
Wednesday: Chicken and Dumpling soup (I will use my basic chicken soup recipe and use gluten-free Bisquick for the dumplings)
Thursday: Curried Rice with Shrimp
Friday: Out
Saturday: Mexican Lasagna

Usually we would have leftovers on Wednesday, but Ryan doesn't meet with his group this week for school. Yay! Wednesday is his birthday, and he requested Chicken and Dumpling soup :)

As I said before, I didn't have school today due to the cold. Caden still did. It was nice to be able to take him to school for a change:
We had some fun after we picked him up. I decided it was the perfect day to go to the YMCA and do some swimming. The kids were THRILLED! Here are some pics:
They got in right away! They couldn't even wait for me.
Caden' loves turning the wheels to turn the squirter on and off.
Caden was being a shark :)
I didn't take too many, because I was in the water with the kids and had to hop out to take the pics.

After we finished swimming, we dried off and played in the Family Prime Time Area:

"If I go down like this I go faster!"
Flying a helicopter
We got home and played some more. There was a lot of biking riding (of course). Dada even came home from work early, and he made a special craft with Caden:
He found the pattern online.
How cute!

Lilli took a nap, but Caden did not. Did I mention that I took a nap with Lilli :)

It was a great day!

Until later!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

{Crafty Sunday: Finished Ninja Turtle + Cold Days Ahead!}

Every Sunday it is my goal to do at least one crafty thing. That's why I decided to call it Crafty Sunday :) I decided to start posting what I do on Crafty Sunday on Sunday instead of Monday. Not sure why I didn't do that from the beginning...

I found out already today that I will not have school the next two days. Now we will have to make up one of the days in June. The forecast is going to be -40 degrees F including windchill. Even colder on Tuesday. I am very happy that I did my grocery shopping yesterday, so we will not really need to go out if we do not want to.

Today the kids and I played around in my scrapping room. I worked on this week's Project Life spread and I also managed to do a few other crafty things. I finished the turtle today! Yay! Here are some shots:

Caden LOVES it:
The kids got in on the crafting today as well:
To be truthful, Caden didn't last too long. He lost interest. Lilli liked it though :)

I also made Ryan's birthday card tonight, but I can't show that to you yet or he will see it. I can post that pic later this week.

We ended the night with watching "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." We didn't finish watching it before, but we started it over so Dada could see it. It really is a cute movie. This is Lilli's favorite song:

Caden said he wants to buy the CD so we can listen to the music. Lilli didn't quite make it to the end of the movie:
Until later!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

{Celebrating Dada's birthday + Thomas cake}

Tonight we celebrated Dada's birthday. It isn't until Wednesday, but we wanted to be able to celebrate with Aunt Cara, Uncle Jordon, Andrew, Baby William, Grandma, and Bumpah. So everyone came over for dinner after Dada got back from class. While he was gone the kiddos and I had some fun. Well, Lilli slept (in her cocoon) and Caden and I goofed around.
 I started making dinner around 4 pm, and Lilli helped me get the veggie tray setup:
 The kids were thrilled when the boys got here. They played non-stop. I did a roasted tenderloin with A LOT of help from my father-in-law. I was SO happy he got here early enough to trim the whole beef tenderloin for me. (Before he got here, I The end result was a pretty tasty tenderloin. Dada wanted apple bars instead of a cake, so he was a happy camper. We didn't sing, but he won't get away with no singing for his birthday. I am planning another birthday dinner on Wednesday night (his actual birthday), and Uncle Danny and Aunt Samantha will be joining us. There will be singing. Here are some pics we took tonight. Not many with adults. Those kids are just too cute to not photograph:
The other thing I did today was finish up a cake for a high school friend of mine. Her son was having a Thomas the Train birthday party, and she asked me if I could make the cake for them. Here is the end result:
I was pretty please, and Dean, her son, LOVED it. That is what makes it worth the time :)

Until later!