Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Grandma Leaves...reality sets in!

This is going to be a short post as I should already be in bed. I will add some more information and pics in the next couple days.

Grandma got home safely, but we ended up having to change the plans. Looking at the weather last Friday made me realize it was going to be treacherous getting to Chicago on Saturday. They were under a winter storm warning. So I ended up changing Grandma's bus from Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning. The storm did end up being pretty bad, so I am glad we changed it. Sunday was an early morning since Grandma's bus left at 8:45 am. We left the house a little before 5 am to make sure we had enough time. Needless to say we were all pretty tired. After we got Grandma off we bummed around. Danny was with us, so the guys thought they would be able to hit all of the computer stores that are in Chicago that we don't have- Tiger Direct, MicroCenter... The only thing they didn't realize was that we would be in Chicago at 8:30 am on a Sunday. Nothing opened until 10 or 11. They guys were disappointed, but we still had fun. We went to IKEA for a couple hours, and then we had lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. It was delish!

Yesterday was our first day of daycare since Grandma is gone. Things have changed since last week when I posted. Linda (Ryan's aunt) and Nicole are going to be watching the little man. I should also mention that Andrew will be occasionally as well. Yesterday he was with Linda. He pooped up his back within the first 30 minutes he was there. Nice! Other than that she said he was a good boy. He was a very lucky boy because Grandma (Pam) even stopped by on her lunch hour to see him.

Today he was with Nicole and played all day. I will have to post the cute pic she took of him. He had a great time. He was also be there tomorrow, but he will be playing with Andrew instead of Nicole.

Speaking of Andrew and Nicole, they had exciting news as they just bought a house. We are celebrating tomorrow night. On the menu we will have steak, risotto, and the yummy strawberry jello cream cheese dessert. Plus it is Wednesday, so that means LOST! Yay!

We are VERY excited about this weekend. I only have school until 12:30 on Friday because it is an in-service day. Ryan will be picking me up from school and then we are headed to Minnesota. We are going to Joel and Mindi's to stay for the weekend. Glen, Liz, and Avery are coming to, so it is going to be a Chi-Town reunion. I will make sure to take a ton of pictures. We are pumped!

Well, I am going to go to bed. I will update more later in the week!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Last Days of Grandma's Visit and Winterfest

It is very sad that Grandma is leaving on Saturday. It has been great having her here. Caden, Danny, and I are driving down to Chicago with her Saturday so she can catch the MegaBus. I need to buy that ticket tomorrow.

Caden starts in daycare next week. I haven't worried about Caden at all since I've been back at school because he's been with Grandma. I know he will be fine next week, but it is still going to be hard. When I went to see Jeanette today (she will be watching him a couple times a week) I was upset after. She seems very nice, and I know Andrew and Nicole are very happy with her, but she still isn't Grandma. I think I was upset because there were three other kids there. I know Caden will have to just cry sometimes. I know it is "good" for him, but it still bothers me. I've cried more today than I have in a long time. I'm not nervous about when he will be with Nicole and Mads, because I know what a doting mother Nicole is. The only thing I will have to worry about is Caden getting too much love :) Just look how great she is with him.

It is just going to be hard. Linda (Ryan's aunt) did tell me tonight that she wants Caden once a week, so I think I will take her up on that offer. Caden will be the only one she'll have.

On to something else! This week is Winterfest as school. Students are on teams competing in a bunch of different activities, and dressing up differently each day this week. The students get bonus points if they have a teacher or faculty member on their team. I am on a freshman boy team. It is interesting! Yesterday's dress up was red, pink or white; today's was jersey and hat; tomorrow's is long underwear and shorts; Thursday is gender switch; and Friday is team shirt day. We have different activities like log toss, lifesaver pass, potato sack race... Tomorrow will have pool events. Needless to say I will not be wearing a bathing suit in front of my students. I will be tossing a football I guess. We'll see! I will have to update you and tell you how my team, Half a Leaf, does. Don't ask about the name...I'm not even sure. It has been pretty fun. I will hopefully get some copies of some of the pics!

I have determined that my drooling little boy is teething. He now has a little rash on his face, which I've heard babies develop when they are teething. He is still pulling everything into his mouth as well. I wonder when he will pop the first tooth???

Notice the nice drop of drool on the bottom lip!

I had a very nice birthday. Even though Ryan and I decided that he wouldn't get me a birthday present since he got me an elliptical for Christmas, he still got me something. He got me Guitar Hero: Rock Band. It is awesome! It is very addicting. I tried it in Best Buy with Danny and I had to have it! I usually play the guitar, Danny the bass, and Ryan on drums. I haven' t been able to talk Grandma into joining the band. I'll just have to keep working on her.

I hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Better Late Than Never

So I'm slipping again with the posting... Oops! Not too much happened last week. Grandma is still visiting and taking care of Caden during the day. I feel bad though. She not only watches Caden, she does the laundry, and usually cooks dinner. I don't know what I will do when she leaves. She is also knitting me a scarf right now for my new coat. Thank God for grandmas!

Caden is getting bigger of course. Ryan weighed him last week and he was 14 pounds! He is pretty long, so he's not too chunky. He moved up to the next size diaper. He also is a lot stronger. When he goes in the exersaucer he can stand up and he moves himself around. Don't worry about the exersaucer; we only let him stay in it for about five to ten minutes. I don't think he will be scarred for life.

I was also wondering when to start him with some cereal. I read a lot online and saw that most doctors recommend waiting until they are six months old. He has an appointment March 2nd, so I think I will talk with the doctor then. He seems to be doing fine, so I guess there is no reason to rock the boat.

We received really exciting news about our good friends Glen and Liz. We already knew that Liz was pregnant and due around the 4th of July. Well, at her last appointment they found out that they are having twins! Completely unexpected. Twins do not run on either side of the family. We are so happy for both of them. We are trying to send positive thoughts her way so that she doesn't end up on bed rest the rest of the pregnancy.

Yesterday I met with the man from Uniserv about next school year. They are getting some numbers for me as far as how much we would pay for insurance and so on. I plan to make my decision about next year in the next couple of weeks. I just need to see the numbers.

The Pacifica went into the shop today. It needed and oil change plus the front bumper basically fell off. Ryan bumped a car in the church parking lot a month ago, and the bumper has been loose ever since. Yesterday it finally came down to the ground. I was in the parking lot of Hobby Lobby when it came off. Ryan and Danny met me there to rig it up enough to get it to the shop. The weird part is that I had already scheduled the appointment. The scary thing that happened is that while I was waiting for the guys to get me a man came up and offered me a ride home. He also said if I wanted I could go with him to his house to get the tools to fix the car and he would bring me back to fix it. I'm so sure! I think that is the way almost every episode of "Law and Order" starts. Needless to say I didn't get into the car. I went back into the Pacifica and locked the door.

Here are some pics from the last week!

Here is Ryan thinking he is pretty funny pretending to feed Caden french fries.

Dude! The exersaucer is the coolest thing in the world!!!!!!!!!!

Daddy is pretty funny!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Back to School...Busy Times

I am trying to make good on my promise to update on Monday. A lot has happened since the last post. Where to begin...
First I need to tie up the whole Danny and Tahja picture. I have been promising to post a picture of her, and I am going to finally post it. This is a picture from the office Ugly Sweater Holiday party:

As of now they are just friends. Danny has a couple of other prospects. Nothing to report yet, but he had coffee with another young lady this weekend and he is having lunch with someone else tomorrow. Hmmm.....
Last Monday Caden and I went to Chicago and picked up Grandma. We made it back into town around 6:30 pm. Grandma started her nannying (Is that a word?) the next day when I went back to school. It's nice that she came to visit a couple weeks after Caden was born because she already knows where everything is.
My first day back went well. It felt like it was the first day after summer break. The big difference was that it was colder than heck. The kids were happy to see me. My favorite was when one boy walked in, saw me, and said, "Thank God you are back!" It made me feel good. I only called home once at lunch to check on Grandma and Caden. Of course everything was fine.
The rest of the week I worked on getting things ready for Cara's baby shower and Caden's baptism. Cara's shower was on Saturday, and Caden's baptism on Sunday. I needed to make the name tags and thank you notes for the shower. I used the Cricut! I am so glad Grandma is here because she helped a lot. She made potato soup, tabbouleh, and cottage cheese salad. She had it all made before I even got home from school! It was nice. Not to mention the house smelled great. Alexis also helped a lot. She came over Friday night and made a big pasta salad. She also got the ingredients to make her mom's punch for the shower. It saved me a lot of time.
The shower went very well. I will have to get some pictures from my camera up to show everyone. The food was great and I think everyone had a good time.
The baptism went very well on Sunday. Caden was so funny. He stared at Barry, the pastor, the entire time he was talking. It looked like he was taking it all in. Here are some pics:

He was a very good boy. The family came over after church and we had brunch. We had a ham, bagels, and quite a bit of other food. Caden got so many nice things for his baptism. Some of the neat things he got were: a framed picture of him in his baptismal outfit in a beautiful frame from Uncle Dave and Aunt Lynn, and silver rattle from Peru from Aunt Cara and Uncle Jordon, some great books including a signing book from Aunt Alexis, a silver spoon, fork and sippy cup from Aunt Linda and Uncle Jay, a gorgeous engraved photo album from Aunt Lisa and Uncle Wayne, and quite a few other things. He is a very loved little boy! It was a very big weekend.

I received a good piece of news from the union president, Sue, today. The Uniserv director told Sue he thinks I will be able to keep all of my classes next year like I want. So I will teach five classes, have one prep period, and end my day at 1:30. I am very excited! It is not set in stone yet, but we are pretty sure it is going to work.

Here is a picture of Caden and me watching "Chuck" with our 3D glasses. We weren't too impressed with the 3D glasses, but Caden still looks pretty cute!