Friday, February 28, 2014

{happy kiddos + Chuck E Cheese}

Caden went back to school today, but Lilli was still pretty tired. They also had a great day because they are staying over at Grandma and Bumpah's house tonight. I am out of town until Sunday (scrapping weekend!!!), and Ryan has class tomorrow from 8-5. The kids were not, of course, sad at all about going to Grandma and Bumpah's house :) Check out this pic she sent of the kids taking care of the babies:

Here is a pic from Chuck E Cheese of Lilli:
Look at that crazy hair :)
Yep, they were having a good time! I am also. I will share some of my layouts with you next week. I was able to complete 10 pages tonight :) Yippee!

I have to share this pic as well. I asked Ryan to send me some pics, thinking he was still with the kiddos, and this is what I got:
I married a weirdo :)

Until later!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

{on the mend + hockey}

There was definite improvement for the kiddos today. They stayed home once again from school (because of the whole no fever with 24 hours), but Caden was well enough to go to hockey. The kids looked pretty good already in the morning. Look at the pics Ryan sent:
He also had on a Batman shirt, socks, underwear... Good job, Dada!
How cute is she in her dress?!
So cute. I was happy Caden felt up to going to hockey that evening. I had to stay at school for RAP, but Ryan went with him. Here are some pics:
He even got over the fact that he has new "coaches" this time :)
Ryan said he did very well and did not fall often. I was relieved to hear this. I think that will make him more comfortable and more likely to move to the next level after this session. It also helps that we got him a bigger helmet. This one doesn't seem to squish his head as much. I know he can't wait to start using a stick, so the longer he "sticks" with it the better!

Until later!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

{home with the kiddos}

I had to take a sick day to stay home with my little ones. They are both still sick, but I can tell they are doing better. They still have fevers, but they are much lower than they were the last couple of days. The biggest issue today was coughing, runny noses, and Lilli's stomach still hurting. Caden also started to complain about his tummy hurting. The Tums still appear to be working. Check out Lilli with the bottle:
 This was my view for much of the day:
This did allow me to sit there and crochet. Caden has been asking for a Batman hat, so take a look at what I made using this pattern I found:

That face is so cute...
Lilli wants me to make her a pink one next :)

Caden did feel up to playing with his Lego characters for a little bit:
By the end of the night, the coughing for both kiddos seemed to get worse. Overall, they were still pretty happy throughout the day. I got LOTS of snuggles :) I do not think they will be going back to school tomorrow. I think they will feel better, but it needs to be over 24 hours from when they last had a fever before I can send them back. I think Caden is also hoping he will be better so he can go to hockey. That may be a possibility, because he did not have a fever after 4 pm today. Fingers crossed!

Until later!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

{still not well...two sick kiddos}

Today Caden and Lilli both stayed home from school. They were lucky that Grandma was able to come over to the house, so the kids didn't even have to get out of their pajamas :)

I called the nurse today to ask about Lilli. She has been complaining a lot about her stomach hurting still. We found out that it was definitely a reaction to the Tamiflu. Luckily we stopped giving that to her yesterday. The nurse said not to give it to her anymore, give her a Tums, and I also picked up Probiotic gummy bears for her. The Tums made a HUGE difference. She actually smiled :) She still isn't back to normal, but she did eat two chicken nuggets. That is the most she has had to eat since Friday. I am trying to remain optimisitic! Here is a pic of her standing. I know it's blurry, but I was so happy she was standing!
I will have a Project Life update most likely on Thursday or Friday. I can tell it's going to be a crazy week!

Until later!

Monday, February 24, 2014

{Round Two begins...}

Well, I have good and bad news...and worse news. This morning Lilli had a fever again. She was still pretty tired when I left for work:
Good news was that Lilli felt much better this morning. Look at these pics Ryan sent:
There's that smile!
Look at that bite!
The second one was my favorite. I was so excited that she was hungry. First time since Friday. She didn't end up eating very much. Sadly, this bounce back didn't last very long. Shortly after taking her Tamiflu dose, she started having really bad gas pain. Ryan read that is a possible side effect of the medication. She is in a lot of pain. She just moans and grabs her tummy. It's so sad. I stopped at Walgreens after school and talked with the pharmacist about gas relief for Lilli. She is now taking the Tiny Tummies Gas Relief drops. We aren't planning to give her anymore of the Tamiflu. Wasn't worth the amount of pain she was in tonight.

Did I forget to mention that Caden is sick now? Yep. That is the worse news. So to catch you up: Lilli was better, Lilli got bad gas pain, and then Caden got sick. Here is the pic Pam sent of Caden this afternoon:
Again, so sad...

Luckily he seems to be a little stronger. He is still hungry, but he is very tired, his eyes are constantly watering, and he also has a fever (got to over 102). He had to miss the first day of hockey today, but we are hoping that he will be well enough to go on Thursday. He is devastated that he is unable to go to school tomorrow. There is a dentist coming in to talk with the kids. I told him I would try to find him that Playdoh Dentist thing to make up for missing the time at school.

So, to sum it all up: Lilli still doesn't feel well, Caden is now sick, and my house still looks like a war zone from a complete inability to clean :( I am hoping things start to look up a lot and soon! As of right now, it looks like I will have to take a day off of work to stay home with the kiddos. I can't send them anywhere until both of them are fever free for at least 24 hours. I better start working on sub plans...

Until later!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

{Influenza strikes!}

Lilli was still miserable this AM, so we decided to take her to the walk-in clinic. Her fever wasn't budging, and she was just the saddest little thing to look at:
 Ryan took Lilli to the doctor while I took Caden to get a new hockey helmet. Did I mention he is starting hockey again tomorrow? He is. More about that later in the week :) Anyway, Lilli has Influenza :(
And yes, she did have the flu shot this year. It's just a different strain. When she went in to the doctor, her temp was sitting at 102.8. She was prescribed Tamiflu, and she is still pretty miserable. I am happy that her fever appears to have FINALLY broken at about 8 pm. This is the first time she has felt cool to the touch since Friday. She is still exhausted. I finally brought her downstairs to the livingroom this AM at around 3:30. She couldn't get comfortable in our bed. She just tossed and turned, and she didn't want to be away from us to sleep in her own bed. She then dozed on and off. She wanted me holding her, so I didn't sleep very much. It is just such a horrible feeling when your little one is suffering and you can't do anything. Another thing that helped her feel better is Ryan gave her a bath. She didn't want one, but I think being all nice and clean really helped to make her feel better. She is currently sleeping, and I hope she stays that way for a nice stretch of time to get some solid sleep.

Caden ended up going to Grandma and Bumpah's to play for a little bit, and that turned in to him spending the night there :) I think it was nice for him to get away. Plus when he is there, he is the center of their worlds. He needed that after having to be put on the back burner with Lilli being sick. And the added bonus was that he got to play with his cousin Andrew for a little bit. Look at the pic I got:

Here's to hoping Ryan, Lilli, and I can get some sleep tonight :)

Until later!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

{sick Lilli + neglected Caden...}

I mentioned that Lilli was a little out of it yesterday, it was MUCH worse today. She was miserable ALL DAY. She is feverish, coughing, whiny. Poor thing. She slept on and off all day. She couldn't sleep for longer than a 30-45 minute stretch at a time. She wanted to be held constantly. Because Ryan was in school, this meant she occupied my attention pretty much all day. Poor Caden... He was such a trooper. Every time I could sneak away for 5 or 10 minutes, I would try to play with him. We even got to play Ninja Turtles for a little bit:
But then Lilli would wake up and freak out because I wasn't holding her. I am pretty sure it is going to be a LONG night... Here is my "Sick Lilli" collage:
Wish me luck tonight!

Friday, February 21, 2014

{finishing the bunny}

I didn't hit my goal of finishing the bunny by Wednesday, but it's done now! Take a look:
I know I should have taken some more shots of it. Here is the pattern I used. I changed up the mouth. I didn't like the way the one looked on the pattern. It looked angry. I will have to take a picture of Ruby (the little girl of Tricia, the woman who watches the kiddos) when I give it to her.

Other than finishing the bunny, we didn't do very much tonight. Lilli was kinda out of it (she has a bad cold), so we just watched TV. It was a nice relaxing night!

Until later!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

{No Technology Thursday: Number 4 Collage}

Every Thursday we have No Technology day in our house. While the kids are awake, that goes for Mama and Dada, too. They do understand that for work we sometimes will need to use our phones and computers. Caden is always quick to remind us to put away the phone if he sees one of us grab it :)
This week is just one of those weeks when I am simply very tired. It would have been soooo easy to just pop in a movie for the kids, but I try to stay true to No Technology Thursday. The first thing we did was go play in the basement. Caden did some shooting:
And Lilli worked on cutting paper:
After we did that for a little bit, it was time to work on Caden's homework. It was a family effort. He had a math packet of activities from which he needed to choose one activity. The one he went with was to make a number collage of his favorite number cut out from magazines. So that is exactly what we did. I grabbed a pile of magazines, gave each kiddo a pair of scissors (safety for Lilli, of course), and we went to work. At first Caden said his favorite number was 100, but that quickly changed when he realized that would be hard to find. He ended up switching to number 4. Here they are at work: 
We worked for around 45 minutes to get everything we needed. By the time he needed to tape all of the pieces down, he was getting a little stir crazy, but he finished. Here is the completed project:
Nice job, Caden!

I think we will do collages in the future. Lilli loved looking for the letter "L" in the magazines. Dada came home and asked if we were working on ransom letters :) He's so funny...

Until later!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

{Organization Wednesday: Huggable Hangers + warmer weather}

My back seems to be getting better, but now the right lower back hurts. Oh well... This has just meant that not as much nothing has been getting done at home (think cleaning), and I have been going to bed early. I originally planned to switch out the hangers in my closet with my new Huggable Hangers this week:
but that didn't happen. I am hoping I can do it over the weekend. I LOVE Huggable Hangers, because none of my shirts slip off of them. They have a velvety coating on them. They are also pretty thin:
Here is one next to the plastic hangers I have in my closet:
The box I got for my birthday also has some different types of hangers, so I am looking forward to all of the extra room in my closet.

Today was the first day in a long time that was nice outside. It was over 40 degrees! The kids LOVED it. Tricia said they played outside almost all day. Here they were when I got there to pick them up:
Caden with some of his buds.
Lilli loves walking in the snow.
Caden also wanted to test to make sure he still remembers how to ride on two wheels:

I didn't have the heart to tell the kids this nice weather will be short-lived. The weather man could be wrong, right?

The kids and I also stopped at Dada's office. He did NOT have to meet with his group for school, so the kids were THRILLED he would be home early. Can you tell how much they love him?
This pic is so funny. They were holding fishing poles they made for him that he keeps in his office from Father's Day :)
Until later!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

{Project Life: Week Seven}

Welcome to a tour of last week's Project Life! Check out the highlights from our lives last week. If you want to learn more about Becky Higgins' Project Life, click here. It is a perfect way to capture the memories we are creating every day.

Last week's layout was fun, because I was able to use some of my new birthday goodies to put it together. I received a ton of great stickers and other Project Life items. I couldn't wait to try them out. Here is last week's layout:
 I used Design Layout A for both pages this week:
I love this card I used as the week marking card. It was in one of the packs I got for my birthday. I squared the days that were covered last week, and I added the little sticker to the left side:
I decided to include the mini Valentine's Day cards I made for the kiddos. They fit very well in the pockets, and I just think Lilli's is so cute:
 As I said before, I used the same page set up for the right side:
I love this collage:
Ryan was impressed that the kids' faces are different in each pic.
 This punch out was perfect to put on the pics I included of Caden playing with the garbage can:

Tonight the kids wanted to write on their dry erase boards they received from us as part of their Valentine's gifts. Caden made a sign for his door. It says: No Stranger. And he also wrote his name on it. He doesn't quite understand that letters in the same word need to stay next to each other :) If you look, you can see that the "er" from "stranger" is right next to his name. Makes it look like: Cadener:
Here is a sweet pic from tonight. Lilli wanted to write "Mama" on her dry erase board, so Caden was helping her by showing her how to make an M. What a helper:

Until later!

Monday, February 17, 2014

{Menu Monday + more craft time}

Happy Monday! What's on the menu for you this week? Here is what we will be eating at our house: 

Monday: leftovers (Ryan has to meet with his group tonight)

Tuesday: Jambalaya

Wednesday: leftovers (Ryan has to meet with his group tonight)

Thursday: Pasta with Ham, Mushrooms, Asparagus, and Truffle Oil (I am going to take a crack at this recipe, but I will be modifying based on what we have in the refrigerator. For example, we have cremini and button mushrooms instead of shittake. It looks delicious, so I am sure we will love it.)

Friday: Out

Not too exciting, but I am looking forward to trying the recipe on Thursday.

Tonight was supposed to be a special night for Caden. His school had scheduled Daddy Night, but the snow caused all activities to be cancelled. Caden was bummed out, but I told him they would reschedule it. He came home and decided he wanted to play some ABC Mouse. He loves that website. His favorite part is taking care of his hamsters and buying them things:
I asked Lilli what she wanted to do that would be special, and she decided she wanted to first do some painting. Nice!

She also wanted to do some painting:
After we were done painting, Lilli wanted to cut some paper in the scrapping room. That worked for me, because then I was able to finish two more pages for Lilli's first year album. I also had school called off two hours early today due to more snow. Yes...more snow. I am SO sick of it. Anyway, I made the best of it and got some scrapping done. Here are the layouts I finished:
Little Farmer

I especially love this one, because it highlights that we are not always able to capture that perfect pic. Look at the close-up of the family pic:

This is just a random super cute one of Lilli's face: 

 Lilli swaddled:

Lilli's Baptism:

I saved and included one of the invites I made for her baptism:

I also put together just a nice snuggling with the kiddos layout:

Not too shabby for one afternoon. I also managed to crochet another ear for the rabbit. I realized I did the first one incorrectly. That means it will have taken me FIVE times to get that darn ear right, but I did it. Wish me luck to still complete it by Wednesday!

Until later!