Monday, February 17, 2014

{Menu Monday + more craft time}

Happy Monday! What's on the menu for you this week? Here is what we will be eating at our house: 

Monday: leftovers (Ryan has to meet with his group tonight)

Tuesday: Jambalaya

Wednesday: leftovers (Ryan has to meet with his group tonight)

Thursday: Pasta with Ham, Mushrooms, Asparagus, and Truffle Oil (I am going to take a crack at this recipe, but I will be modifying based on what we have in the refrigerator. For example, we have cremini and button mushrooms instead of shittake. It looks delicious, so I am sure we will love it.)

Friday: Out

Not too exciting, but I am looking forward to trying the recipe on Thursday.

Tonight was supposed to be a special night for Caden. His school had scheduled Daddy Night, but the snow caused all activities to be cancelled. Caden was bummed out, but I told him they would reschedule it. He came home and decided he wanted to play some ABC Mouse. He loves that website. His favorite part is taking care of his hamsters and buying them things:
I asked Lilli what she wanted to do that would be special, and she decided she wanted to first do some painting. Nice!

She also wanted to do some painting:
After we were done painting, Lilli wanted to cut some paper in the scrapping room. That worked for me, because then I was able to finish two more pages for Lilli's first year album. I also had school called off two hours early today due to more snow. Yes...more snow. I am SO sick of it. Anyway, I made the best of it and got some scrapping done. Here are the layouts I finished:
Little Farmer

I especially love this one, because it highlights that we are not always able to capture that perfect pic. Look at the close-up of the family pic:

This is just a random super cute one of Lilli's face: 

 Lilli swaddled:

Lilli's Baptism:

I saved and included one of the invites I made for her baptism:

I also put together just a nice snuggling with the kiddos layout:

Not too shabby for one afternoon. I also managed to crochet another ear for the rabbit. I realized I did the first one incorrectly. That means it will have taken me FIVE times to get that darn ear right, but I did it. Wish me luck to still complete it by Wednesday!

Until later!

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