Wednesday, February 26, 2014

{home with the kiddos}

I had to take a sick day to stay home with my little ones. They are both still sick, but I can tell they are doing better. They still have fevers, but they are much lower than they were the last couple of days. The biggest issue today was coughing, runny noses, and Lilli's stomach still hurting. Caden also started to complain about his tummy hurting. The Tums still appear to be working. Check out Lilli with the bottle:
 This was my view for much of the day:
This did allow me to sit there and crochet. Caden has been asking for a Batman hat, so take a look at what I made using this pattern I found:

That face is so cute...
Lilli wants me to make her a pink one next :)

Caden did feel up to playing with his Lego characters for a little bit:
By the end of the night, the coughing for both kiddos seemed to get worse. Overall, they were still pretty happy throughout the day. I got LOTS of snuggles :) I do not think they will be going back to school tomorrow. I think they will feel better, but it needs to be over 24 hours from when they last had a fever before I can send them back. I think Caden is also hoping he will be better so he can go to hockey. That may be a possibility, because he did not have a fever after 4 pm today. Fingers crossed!

Until later!

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