Thursday, February 27, 2014

{on the mend + hockey}

There was definite improvement for the kiddos today. They stayed home once again from school (because of the whole no fever with 24 hours), but Caden was well enough to go to hockey. The kids looked pretty good already in the morning. Look at the pics Ryan sent:
He also had on a Batman shirt, socks, underwear... Good job, Dada!
How cute is she in her dress?!
So cute. I was happy Caden felt up to going to hockey that evening. I had to stay at school for RAP, but Ryan went with him. Here are some pics:
He even got over the fact that he has new "coaches" this time :)
Ryan said he did very well and did not fall often. I was relieved to hear this. I think that will make him more comfortable and more likely to move to the next level after this session. It also helps that we got him a bigger helmet. This one doesn't seem to squish his head as much. I know he can't wait to start using a stick, so the longer he "sticks" with it the better!

Until later!

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