Saturday, February 15, 2014

{birthday back surprise}

Hello! Well, today is my 33rd birthday, and it didn't start out very well. I was picking up some of Lilli's toys from the coffee table in the living room, and when I stood up my back spasmed. I didn't think much of it. I was getting ready to do T25 for the day (which was going very well up to this point). I thought working out would help to stretch my back. I tried doing a knee lift on the left side, and when I put my leg down I could hear popping from my back. I decided a hot shower would be a better idea than working out. I took three Ibuprofen and hoped for the best. It kept getting worse. I used one of those bean filled heat pad things for my back. It still seemed to get worse. It kept spasming. The kids came back home at 11, and they were so sweet. Caden was my helper. He helped me stand up, and he even warmed up my heating pad for me in the microwave. The best part was when he went downstairs and got his magic kit to put on a show for me :)
He is so sweet. So the kids and I spent a lot of time on the couch, because I couldn't move very much. We made the best of it:
After Ryan came home we packed up and headed over to Grandma and Bumpah's for my birthday dinner. Uncle Danny, Aunt Samantha, Aunt Lexie, and Aunt Chris were also there. We had a nice time:
Do you see the wrap around me? It was a fashion statement :)
Truthfully, I was VERY tired, and my back was killing me. The food was great, though. Salmon and tenderloin. I am spoiled. I was also spoiled with the gifts:
I received so many awesome things I will be able to incorporate into my Project Life albums:)

Other than the back issue, it was a great birthday. Hear is to a great 33rd year!

Until later!

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