Thursday, February 13, 2014

{Parent-Teacher Conferences + cookie delivery}

This entire week has had unusual posts! Tonight is no different. I had parent-teacher conferences from after school until 7:30, so I wasn't with the kiddos for No Technology Day. I did get to meet the parents of some of my new students this semester, and I enjoyed that. It was a long night, though...

The cookie delivery went very well today! Here are the Craft Club president and vice-president (in opposite order) showing their excitement to deliver the cookies:
Don't they look excited?!
When I got home from work Ryan was finishing putting the chocolates on Caden's Valentine's cards. They are pretty cute. Check out the final product:
Notice the mess on the counter behind it? :)
Ryan was also Super Dad and made  Jello Jigglers for Caden and Lilli's classes for tomorrow's Valentine's parties at their schools:
So pretty!
The last thing I did before I went to bed was attach the flower to the hat I made for Alexis. I modeled it and took a pic to send to her:
I think she will like it.

Until later!

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