Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was great! It was the scrapbooking weekend in Wisconsin Rapids. I got my main projects pretty much done. Lilli's Project Life has the pictures in it, but I still need to copy the daily journals onto the cards. I figure I will do that while watching TV with Ryan.

The second project I did was a mini-album for our last trip to Disney World. I wanted something for the kids to look at to remember the trip. Lilli is always asking me to "talk to" her about the trip. It's really cute.  Here are some pics:



The last project I did was a picture tray with some new pics. Originally I wanted it to take to school, but then I decided I may keep it at home. Ryan wanted to snag it for the Ripon office. Here is a pic of that:

I also made some birthday cards to keep on hand. I can never have enough of those.

Overall, it was a very productive and enjoyable weekend.

So far this week has been okay. I have been pretty busy with work, but good busy. Since the boards scores are going to be coming in this Saturday, I need the work to make the time pass. I am so nervous...

Last night was pretty rough. Lilli is obviously getting her 2 year molars, because she has been in some pain. She was up on and off all night (actually morning) from around 1:30 am on. Ryan and I were somewhat zombie-like this AM. I am planning to go to bed early tonight. :)

I will update more tomorrow...after I am more well-rested!

Have a nice night!

Friday, November 09, 2012

The importance of the blog

As I was preparing for a weekend of scrapbooking, I found myself going back and reading my blog posts back from when Lilli was born. There were certain things that made me laugh, and there was even a post that made me tear up a little bit. Looking at all of those pics really reminded me how quickly the time is going. It also showed me how really important it is for me to keep this blog going. Rereading those posts allowed me to relive some of those moments. I loved it. The entire time I have blogged (which I know has been sporadic) I have felt I was doing it for my family. Especially those of you who are out of state. What I realized is that is not the truth, or at least my mind has changed. I blog for myself. I want to be able to go back and read about the goofy things that we do. The good times and the bad times. It is nice at the time while I am writing it to get it out, but it is much nicer being able to go back and read it.

There are many things that have happened since I last update. Many... And there is no way I could possible update you in one blog post. What I will do is focus on our family pics that we had taken in September by one of my students, Allison. They are great. Here is the link to see the pics. Click on it and you be able to see the pics:

I love them all. We are going to be getting them printed, hopefully next week, and then I will send the pics out with my holiday cards.

Have a great day! I hope to update again tomorrow, but I may not have the Internet. We shall see :) The next update will be able Caden's 4th birthday and his superhero party. It was great!