Thursday, October 31, 2013

{Happy Halloween!}

Happy wet Halloween! There was quite a bit of rain in our area, but we still managed to have a great time. Because the kids went trick-or-treating yesterday, they were not overly thrilled to trick-or-treat tonight in the rain. Instead, they chose to look for candy that Mama and Dada hid in the house. Here are some pics:
Minka was a good assistant.
Caden was so excited every time he found a piece of candy.
Can you tell she was happy?
We had fun eating chili and cornbread. Grandma, Bumpah, Aunt Samantha, Uncle Danny, Aunt Chris, and Mama's friend Leah came over to spend the evening with us.

The kids did decide that they wanted to go trick-or-treating after we received a visit from a bat and Darth Vader (Maddie and Nathan Josephs). They then went out with the Josephs' clan and Dada to hit up a few houses in the neighborhood. Here are all of those cuties:
Lilli's face is hilarious.
About 15 minutes after they left, we heard torrential rain coming down. We had a soaked Iron Man and Iron Maiden on our hands. They did not want their pics taken at this point :)

After we got them all dried off, it was time to decorate their Halloween gingerbread house that Leah brought for them. They were very serious about their work. And they didn't eat...too much of the frosting:
Can you see how wet their hair still is?
I will leave you with a pic of all four of us. Caden and Lilli were Iron Man and Iron Maiden. Ryan was Tony Stark (his shirt had a light up arc reactor) and I was Pepper Potts. Don't ask how it makes sense-- we know it doesn't. The kids LOVED it. That's all that matters.


Until later!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

{trick-or-treating downtown}

I took the kiddos trick-or-treating tonight, because the weather forecast for tomorrow isn't looking too great. It is supposed to be one of the wettest Halloweens on record. The businesses downtown hand out candy in their stores. It was a lot of fun for the kids, and the weather turned out to be pretty nice. Here are some pics:

Iron Maiden and Iron Man :)
They are all prepared to lift some candy!
I was so happy that Lilli finally left me tie her hair back with the piece of tulle.
Look at those faces...
Lilli did a great job following her brother all over.
This year Lilli was able to go up to the people by herself.
Lilli was thrilled that one place was handing out popsicles. We popped those in the freezer when we got home.
This person handing out candy was an ape in a wedding dress. Lilli was amazed by the scene.
They did a great job always remembering to say thank you.

 The kiddos were really happy to run into their buddies Sully and Ruby:
This was the best pic I could get. The kids were too excited to stop moving :)

 We ended the night with some superhero poses:

Until later!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

{pumpkin prepping and the little ninja}

Tonight the big thing I wanted to get accomplished was prepping the pumpkins to carve tomorrow night. Dadda did the messy part for us :) The kids were pretty amazed by the entire process. Here they are with the pumpkins:

The other highlight of the evening was when Uncle Danny and Aunt Samantha came over for Maududo. Caden wanted to get his gi on like Uncle Danny. How cute is this?

Until later!


Monday, October 28, 2013

{everybody was kung fu fighting!}

Here is Caden trying out his gi that he got from Uncle Danny and Aunt Samantha. Enjoy!

I have another one for you for later this week :)

Until later!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

{Caden's 5th birthday party}

We were so lucky to have such a wonderful day for Caden's party. The weather was nice enough for the kids to bundle up and head outside for a bit. We have quite a few pics from the party. I will describe the items as they appear. I also included some from his birthday. They were on the camera, so I still needed to get them onto the computer:

Here are some pics from Caden's birthday. He was excited to get a package from Ohio:

He also got to open his presents from Mama and Dada on his birthday:

Opening his first science experiment set.
The Bat Cave!
I love this pic. That is his little cake. He wanted Superman.

Here is the start of the party. Here are the boys battling while Maddie diligently works on her super hero mask in the background. I had a Secret Identity Creation Station with black masks that the kids could decorate:

Maddie also finished with her mask.
Lilli worked pretty hard on hers, too.
Super cute!
Lilli had to model hers, too. 

All of the food had a superhero theme. Here are some of the items:
Green Lantern Punch
The Kryptonite Fluff was Watergate salad.
Good old Red Vines.
Caden's birthday party cake. It was a smooth butter cream frosted gluten-free yellow cake.
Even the adults liked the Green Lantern punch. (Dada added some tequila to some of them...)
Another activity I had for the kiddos was finding the Kryptonite in the backyard. I didn't realize this would be such a hit, so I should have made more. All I did was take rocks from our yard and spray paint them Citrus Green. I then hid them around the yard. After they found the Kryptonite, they could come in and get a tattoo if they wanted.

Lilli showing off her tat.
Maddie was really excited to get her Superman tattoo.
The weather was so nice the kids took advantage of just playing. The roller coaster was a hit:

 When it was time to eat, the kids didn't have a problem all cramming together. There were no issues with pushing at all. With that many kids, I found that to be amazing!

Notice the capped cups I bought for the party? Worth every penny...

One of my students made me this awesome city skyline backdrop for the party. (You can see it better in the family pic of us.) Here are all of the kids (sans William and Max):

 Another game we had for the kiddos was to use their x-ray vision. They had to put their hand in a bag, and then they had to use their x-ray vision to guess what they were touching. There were things in there like a slinky, toy dinosaur, skate board... They were all items from the 35 cent section at Party City. The kids did SUPER at this game:

Nathan got a magnifying glass.
Caden guessed a slinky.

Maddie got a squirt gun and Andrew got a mini-pen.
Adin got a dinosaur.
Sully guessed a skateboard.
 After playing a little more, it was time for cake and then presents:

Even though the cake was gluten-free (Mama wanted to eat it, too), the kids still seemed to enjoy it:

Caden was most excited to open his presents...of course:
Doing a great job and remembering to read the cards first.
Super excited for his Ninja Turtle toys.
Baby William thoroughly enjoyed the present opening.

Yay! The new Phineas and Ferb Marvel movie!
The Wonder Women of the house :)
He REALLY wanted these stacking cups.
Baby William...still excited about the present opening.
I will leave you with a pic of our "super" family:

Until later!