Friday, October 18, 2013

{sleepover at Uncle Danny's and Aunt Samantha's!}

The kids have been excited all week that they are spending the night at Uncle Danny and Aunt Samantha's house tonight. Caden said his plan was to play light sabers, watch "Star Wars," drink hot chocolate, and stay up until after midnight. They practically pushed us out the door after we dropped them off.

Ryan and I grabbed a quick bite to eat, and I am happily sitting in the living room catching up on my shows and blogging. I have a morning of shopping planned for tomorrow, and then we will have a nice little crowd to celebrate Samantha's birthday. It should be a great weekend.

Here are some pics from Samantha:
Putting together a puzzle
Modge-podging the puzzle to keep it together
Getting some expert guidance from Aunt Samantha

Until later!


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