Friday, October 11, 2013

{long weekend}

I am soooo looking forward to this weekend. We don't have school on Monday, so I have plans to get A LOT of things done this weekend. Some of the things on my list include: doing the laundry, reorganizing the toy room (again), reorganizing my scrapping room (again), finishing putting out all of the Halloween decorations, cutting down the vegetable garden (I think), putting all of the outside toys into some container (not sure what yet), lesson planning for two of my writing classes, cleaning the van and taking it to the car wash, planning the menu for Caden's party, finishing the Superman bags for Caden's party. . . I should probably stop there. I could continue, but I do want some time to breathe in there as well. 

The kids and I also have some big time play plans. They told me they want to go to Educare tomorrow. That is a educational toy store. There are a TON of things to play with there. I usually then let each of them pick out a book; I don't just go there and not make a purchase.

I am still tired from this week, so I am not sure how much will be accomplished tomorrow. I will update you later.

Speaking of tired, I am not the only one who was pretty tired tonight. Lilli was on my bed while I was changing into my pj's, and she was talking away. Suddenly the talking stopped, and I turned around to find this:
How sweet does she look? And Baby Stella is snuggled up next to her :)

Caden is downstairs with Uncle Danny and Daddy watching "Star Wars: Episode One." He is VERY excited about this. I made sure he understood that it is NOT real, and he accepted that. He is loving it. We may end up with a little "Star Wars" nut in this house. Daddy is a Star Trek fan, so we will see how this plays out :)

Until later!

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