Thursday, October 17, 2013

{no technology days}

Ryan and I have been trying something new with the kiddos for the last two weeks. We take two days (Mondays and Thursdays) and remove all technology from the kids while they are at home. That means no playing with cellphones, iPads, or laptops. This also means no watching TV. There has been absolutely NO push back or complaining from the kids at all.

The first day they recreated their library in the living room. They took out some of our reusable shopping bags, and they used those to take the books around the house. As soon as Dada got home, Caden took him to the library to check out some books. They were very excited.

This week Monday the kids played superheroes. My favorite thing that happened was when Dada got home. He was on his phone checking his email. Caden looked at him and informed him, "Dada, that is technology. You can't use that today." Dada put his phone away :) I did catch myself almost turn on the TV when I was making dinner. I am used to watching Food Network while I cook. I know Ryan and I could still use the technology, but we are trying to demonstrate that we can go without it, too. I just think it is important for the kids to also do activities that require them to be more physical and creative, and not always be connected. Caden was pretty happy to be able to use my iPad on Tuesday, but I am the most happy about that fact that he is just as entertained without it :)

Until later!

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