Monday, October 07, 2013

{Caden's new shoes}

I ran to Appleton last Saturday to exchange some shoes that Ryan ordered for me online. I finally broke down and got some awesome Chucks (Converse). When the kids and I were at Journeys to exchange them, Caden was eyeing up some Batman Chucks that were in little sizes. I let him some on because the sizes run weird. We figured out he wears a size 11 (he normally wears a 12), but they didn't have the Batman in his size in store (luckily-because I wasn't planning to buy them). They did have plain black ones in his size...and he looked too cute in them...and I'm a sucker :) So, yes, I got them for him. Did I mention he looks really cute in them?

Well they are tie shoes, so Caden was determined to learn how to tie his own laces. He gets frustrated VERY easily. He did well practicing at first:

Nice and calm... All is well...but then he couldn't get it. So this is Caden just a minute later:

Yep, face down on his bed fighting back tears because he was so frustrated. He is MY son. (His bed is stripped because it was laundry day--).

We are still working on tying, and I think he will have it down soon!

Until later!

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