Monday, October 07, 2013

{Are you ready for some hockey?!}

Today is Monday, so that means (at least for the next two weeks) hockey time! As with last week, again I was able to see that Caden is really improving. He is so much better on his skates and is starting to actually skate and not just walk.

At this point, I am trying to figure out what he wants to do next. He mentioned that he wants to try baseball, but it is the wrong season for that. He also said he may want to stick with hockey for a little longer. Who knows? I just want him to try different things, and I want him to be happy. After today's practice, I think he should stick with hockey a little longer.

Here are some pics from today's practice:
He is the little one next to his coach.
Today they had to skate around obstacles.
There were still some spills.
Made it around those cones :)
Cheering section was still there!
I will leave you with a video from tonight's class. We are so proud of him. His coach even came over to talk with us about how much better Caden is doing. His determination has really paid off!

Until later!


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