Saturday, July 24, 2010

Working around the house

Today we tried to get some other things done around the house. One of the things Ryan needed to do was screw down one of the boards on the deck that popped up. Caden felt he needed to help. He ran inside to his tool bench and grabbed his own drill. Here he is checking daddy's work. What a helpful little guy!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quick update!

I did not forget about you! I have a long post that I am working on to put up tomorrow. I need to get some photos and a video off of Ryan's phone. I PROMISE I will have it up tomorrow. Everything is going well here. I am still feeling well and we are getting a lot done that needs to be taken care of before the little one comes.

Have a great night!

The Countdown Begins!

A lot has happened since I last posted. I have officially been done with school now for over a month. Of course that doesn't mean I haven't been there off and on for various reasons such as teaching a Google Tools class, attending a Project Based Learning workshop, or working on aligning the local standards. I have still been pretty busy. I am also taking an online class this summer. I am currently in the 6th(?) week of it. It will allow me to teach online classes upon successful completion. All of this is going on while we are preparing for the little one.

In that department we are doing pretty well. The nursery is now painted and looks great. It is lilac and brown with a chair rail dividing the two colors. This weekend we will be cleaning the carpet in that room and setting up all of the furniture. I will post pics of the room when it is finished.

Caden is not in a "big boy" bed. We ended up getting him a twin bed instead of a toddler bed. He has been sleeping on it since last Saturday. He is doing very well. I think he feels pretty cool that he has a big bed. We just have the mattress and the box spring right on the floor. We do have guard rails on both sides. So far he hasn't fallen, but I'm sure that is still coming. We usually know he is up when we hear him talking. He is doing great.

Caden and I have had a great time so far this summer since I have been home. We switch up what we do during the day. We play in the playroom, his room, the baby's room, Mommy and Daddy's bedroom. His favorite is to go outside, or "side" as Caden says. He loves to blow bubbles, play on his inflatable fire truck with working hose, and play with his pool. Notice I said "with" his pool, not in. He would rather fill it up and play with the toys while standing outside of it. He does occasionally go in it, but he would prefer to be able to run around. Since it has been so horribly hot, we haven't been able to go outside everyday. When we do go out, most of the time it isn't until around 4 so it isn't so hot. I have a cute video to put on here that Ryan took of the kids playing with the fire truck toy at Chris' retirement party 4th of July weekend. I will have to upload that when Ryan has time to get it to me.

This weekend, Sunday, I am going out of town for CHA (Craft and Hobby Association). I am going with Linda Meyer, Pam, and Cara. We will be gone from Sunday through Wednesday in Rosendale. I am going to miss Caden and Ryan, but I am sure they will be fine. Alexis will be helping out a lot. Plus Kelly is going to be taking him Tuesday and Wednesday instead of Monday. We should have a pretty good time. I will be taking some different scrapping classes, so I am excited. The days will be pretty long, so I am hoping I will be able to keep up with everyone.

Here are some random cute pics of Caden.

Here he is snagging some raspberries from our neighbor's bushes:

Enjoying some Frosty on a hot day:

So tired after some shopping that he fell asleep in the car while munching Gold Fish:

Have a good weekend!