Monday, March 31, 2014

{happy birthday, Grandma!}

Today is Grandma's (Pam's) birthday. Happy Birthday!!! She had a wonderful event-filled day. I thought I would share the other pics Ryan took from Grandma's special birthday dinner at Nakashima on Saturday. Enjoy!

Here is a shot of Lilli enjoying the soup:
 Take a look at the group:
Obviously Lilli thought it was a little loud at the time :)
Happy Birthday, Grandma!!!
 Caden looked at the picture, and then he asked if we could take another one:
Look at that little nerd!
Until later!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

{more beautiful weather=geocaching}

With another beautiful day today, the kids needed to spend some time outside. Daddy decided that it would be a good day to go geocaching. This was especially fun because Daddy received a special geocaching GPS as part of his birthday present, and he has been wanting to try it out since then. So while Mama stayed home and cleaned, the other three grabbed their bikes and headed out. Here are the pics that Ryan got:
Of course they had to stop and play at the playground!
 What a nice brother to push his sister.
 Lilli certainly enjoyed it.
 Getting ready to spin himself:
 Our pretty girl:
 Here is a shot of Ryan's geocaching gps:
Ryan said it worked very well :)
They had a GREAT time. Fingers crossed for even more beautiful weather. The kids do not want to give up all of the fun they are having being able to play outside.

Until later!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

{Grandma's birthday dinner at Nakashima}

Monday is Grandma's (Pam's) birthday. We went to celebrate tonight at Nakashima with Grandma, Bumpah, Aunt Samantha, Uncle Danny, Ryan, and the kids and me. The kids LOVED the food, especially Lilli. It is one of those restaurants where they cook all of the food on a hibachi grill right in front of you. Caden wasn't too sure about the fire at first, but he ended up loving it. Ryan took most of the pics, so I need to grab those off of his phone. Here is one that's on my phone:
Looks like a little monkey :)
Until later!

Friday, March 28, 2014


Although it is still chilly enough to need out coats, the kids and I had to go outside to enjoy this wonderful weather. We were so happy to see the sun. It's been a long time that we've been stuck inside. Let's hope it sticks around!
She looks like she is deep in thought...
She loved trying out her bike from Christmas OUTSIDE :)
Caden was a big fan of having his training wheels taken off because we could be outside.
Caden also had to get in some skateboarding :)
Until later!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

{Project Life: Weeks 11 & 12}

Welcome to a tour of the last two weeks' Project Life layouts! If you want to learn more about Becky Higgins' Project Life, click here. It is a perfect way to capture the memories we are creating every day. With Ryan being gone last week, I got behind on my Project Life. I still took the pics, but I just didn't have time to put things together on PicMonkey and print the pics. I was able to get caught up tonight. Whew! I also feel so proud when I get the previous' weeks layout done. I can't wait to tackle getting the rest of the kids' albums caught up as well. I am constantly amazed by how quickly I am able to throw together my layouts in this format. Sorry the quality of these pics is not the greatest, but here is the layout from two weeks ago:
 And here is last week's layout:
 I had to show you a close up of this collage I made of the pics from when the kids spent the night at Uncle Danny and Aunt Samantha's. I love it that I can get 9 pics and a journaling on a 4X6 pic :)

I still plan to do inserts with Ryan's pics from his travels. I would also like to make him a mini-album to keep. I still need to get at those pics, though :)

Until later!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

{sneak peek of Ryan's pics}

So far the week has already been crazy, so I have not had enough time to steal any of Ryan's pics from his trip last week to share with you. I will give you a sneak peek of a couple that I had in a text from him. I believe these are both from when he was in Prague:

Handsome man :) Gotta love the selfie pic!

I will make sure to share the rest with you later this week.

Until later!

Monday, March 24, 2014

{Monday night = Hockey night}

Monday night still means Hockey Night in our house. We were very excited that Dada would be able to go, but he ended up being a little under the weather. With having a cold, and a bad case of jet lag, he had a temp of over 100 degrees tonight. So Mama and Caden headed to hockey. Caden is getting a lot better. Tonight he informed me that he wants to buy his own hockey skates. I told him once I know for sure he is sticking with it, we can make that happen. Here is a shot of him practicing backwards skating:
 I also shot a short video:
He is still liking it, so we will see if he decides to give it another round when this one ends in a couple of weeks!

Until later!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

{Daddy is home}

The kids and I are sooooo happy that Ryan is back home with us. He has been gone since last Friday. He went to Germany and Prague for 10 days for his MBA program. Ryan didn't want me to mention it on FB or the blog that he was gone :) He is a little protective of us. That's why he wasn't in any of the recent pics. And speaking of pics, I will be sure to put some of his pics from his travels on the blog next week. He was very tired. The kids were over the moon to see him. He rocked with Lilli last night and disappeared. This is what I found when I checked in her room:

So sweet.

Until later!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

{Funset Blvd. + movie time}

The kids' fun continued today. Caden was just as thrilled with his lightsaber this morning as he was last night:
Lilli is also holding her Doggy Baby
Then Uncle Danny and Aunt Samantha took the kids to play some video games at Funset Boulevard and then they watched "The Lego Movie." Well, Caden watched it. Lilli saw about 10 minutes before she fell asleep. They had a great time again:

If you look carefully, you can see Uncle Dave in the background. He joined them :)
 Some Hot Rod riding

A little carousel time

Thanks, Uncle Danny and Aunt Samantha!

Until later!

Friday, March 21, 2014

{Sleepover at Uncle Danny + Aunt Samantha's}

The kids have been excited all week about going for a sleepover at Uncle Danny and Aunt Samantha's place tonight . Like normal, they were spoiled. What was there not to love about staying overnight?
Frosting? Check!

Lightsaber battles with Uncle Danny? Check!
Did I mention that they took them to Target where Caden got his new lightsaber and Lilli got a "doggy baby"?
 Climbing on Uncle Danny? Check!

Snuggles? Check!

Happy times were had by all:)

Until later!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

{kindergarten open house + West End Pizza}

It seemed like it was a bit early for it, but tonight was Caden's Open House for kindergarten next year. It was a time for him to meet the teachers and principal at Carl Traeger Elementary School, where he will be going next year. First there was a parent orientation, and then they had a few little activities for the kids:
Caden sat at the back and was a little unsure at first.
Can you tell he is still a little unsure?
 He did go up to sort his letter:

He started having more fun when we toured the building:

He loved seeing all of the toys and gadgets in the rooms:
 He also received his lunch number for next year, and here he is practicing how to key it in:
 Overall, he ended up having a great time:
Lilli also enjoyed the class tours:
After that we decided to head to dinner for some more fun for the kids. They always love West End Pizza :)
Caden divided the quarters to make sure they both had the same number.
Caden also has the love of the crane game as I did as a child still have today :)
Sorry the pic is blurry. He won both of these with in only two turns.
They always love driving the car:

Until later!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

{haircuts + goofy time}

The kids and I visited Catie at Sublime for haircuts tonight. As usual, they were pretty good. I tried to take some before and after shots. Here are Lilli's:
I forgot to take Caden's at the salon, so I had to take it at home:

Lilli also wanted to take some pics tonight while we were playing in Caden's room before bedtime. Here is one of them that she captured:
My little photographer :)

Until later!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

{Superheroes and Princesses at Culver's}

My friend Sheri let me know about Culver's restaurant in Oshkosh having a Superhero and Princess themed evening tonight. She has a 4 year old named Carter, so we decided to dress-up the kids and head there for dinner. Here Lilli, Carter, and I are with the Culver's mascot Scoopie:
Caden decided to go as Iron Man, and Lilli was very torn between Princess Sofia and Super Girl. Obviously she ended up going with Princess Sofia :) Lilli was also thrilled to see a pic of Princess Sofia on the door:
Caden was not in the mood for pics tonight. Aunt Lexie met us there as well, and here is a nice shot she got of the three of us (the only pics Caden would allow):
Lilli loved her corn dog:
And she didn't want to leave without giving Scoopie a hug:
It was a nice way to break up the monotony that can be a Tuesday night. Plus it gave the kids something to which they could look forward.

Overall, great night!

Until later!