Sunday, March 16, 2014

{Crafty Sunday= cookies}

Craft Club at my school sold cookies for St. Patrick's Day as a fundraiser, so yours truly baked the cookies this weekend. I did it in steps, so it wasn't too bad. I needed to make 80 for the sale, so I ended up making two batches. That ended up making around 120 shamrock-shaped cookies. I made the dough Thursday night. I baked 35 of them yesterday morning, and then I baked the rest last night. I frosted them all this morning, and then I bagged them this evening after the frosting had some time to harden. Here is a shot of our dining room table with the cookies:
 I am planning to freeze 20 of the cookies that I didn't frost. Then I can pull them out of the freezer a few at a time.

Yes, they took some time, but I still had time for these goofballs:
We even had some time to be silly:
I love how sweet his face looks in this pic:
Until later!

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