Thursday, March 20, 2014

{kindergarten open house + West End Pizza}

It seemed like it was a bit early for it, but tonight was Caden's Open House for kindergarten next year. It was a time for him to meet the teachers and principal at Carl Traeger Elementary School, where he will be going next year. First there was a parent orientation, and then they had a few little activities for the kids:
Caden sat at the back and was a little unsure at first.
Can you tell he is still a little unsure?
 He did go up to sort his letter:

He started having more fun when we toured the building:

He loved seeing all of the toys and gadgets in the rooms:
 He also received his lunch number for next year, and here he is practicing how to key it in:
 Overall, he ended up having a great time:
Lilli also enjoyed the class tours:
After that we decided to head to dinner for some more fun for the kids. They always love West End Pizza :)
Caden divided the quarters to make sure they both had the same number.
Caden also has the love of the crane game as I did as a child still have today :)
Sorry the pic is blurry. He won both of these with in only two turns.
They always love driving the car:

Until later!

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