Sunday, March 30, 2014

{more beautiful weather=geocaching}

With another beautiful day today, the kids needed to spend some time outside. Daddy decided that it would be a good day to go geocaching. This was especially fun because Daddy received a special geocaching GPS as part of his birthday present, and he has been wanting to try it out since then. So while Mama stayed home and cleaned, the other three grabbed their bikes and headed out. Here are the pics that Ryan got:
Of course they had to stop and play at the playground!
 What a nice brother to push his sister.
 Lilli certainly enjoyed it.
 Getting ready to spin himself:
 Our pretty girl:
 Here is a shot of Ryan's geocaching gps:
Ryan said it worked very well :)
They had a GREAT time. Fingers crossed for even more beautiful weather. The kids do not want to give up all of the fun they are having being able to play outside.

Until later!

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