Thursday, March 06, 2014

{Project Life: Weeks 8 & 9}

Welcome to a tour of the last two week's Project Life layouts! Check out the highlights from our lives. If you want to learn more about Becky Higgins' Project Life, click here. It is a perfect way to capture the memories we are creating every day.

Let's start with two week's ago. I was a little behind with getting everything put together from when my back went out. I think the layouts turned out pretty well. Here's a peek:
Quite a few of the pics revolved around when Lilli started getting sick, because that was the majority of our weekend:
I also included the sheet from Caden's school from the Winter testing:
Showing how great our guy is doing!
 Now here's last week's layout:
I love the extra pages for 4X6 pics. I included two pics from Chuck E Cheese of the kids. I put them in back to back. Super cute:
I also LOVE these pics:
Yay! Still so happy it's a girl :)

Until later!

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