Saturday, March 08, 2014

{Building for Kids play time}

Although Dada did not have class today, he still had to write a paper. The kiddos and I didn't want to just stay at home, so we headed up to Appleton to the Building for Kids. I am sooooo happy we have that membership. (Hopefully the next couple of weeks will allow us to play outside.) There were two birthday parties, so it was pretty busy. We didn't stay for a very long time, but we did stay long enough for the kids to have a great time.

There were plenty of physical activities for the kids-

The special exhibit is all fun jump and crawl things-
Jumping on a trampoline that kinda looked like a turtle.
Took some time to spin the Earth.
 Lilli and Caden worked on their miniature golf skills-
Lilli still has some work to do :)

Checked out the guinea pig Boo Boo-

Stopped by the art student. Caden had not interest...shocking...
As I typed this up I realized I forgot the painting there :(
 Controlled some city lights-

Had to take a break to cook Mama some food-
I know this is blurry, but I LOVE how is leaning on the counter.
Lilli found some bubber to play with. It was really dry. It was cool-

Playing with some building toys--

Lilli always stops in the baby hospital to play with some babies-

Until later!

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