Monday, February 22, 2010

Pictures from Barb

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You probably noticed that last week's post was just published. Well, I did write it on time, I just forgot to do the whole publishing step. I am also going back tonight and adding the pics to the skiing post finally.

Last week was pretty calm. Caden had a pretty good week. We have been working with him a lot to say real words. He "talks" constantly, but still baby babble. He can say "mama" and "dada" well enough. I would swear on everything he has also said "dog" and "all done" with meaning. Pam said that she thinks he said "ball" today when they were playing with one. I know I shouldn't be too anxious for him to talk, because I'm sure that it will definitely be a non-stop occurrence.

It is getting down to crunch time with my National Boards process. I have to have everything ready and packed to mail on the 31st of March. My hope is to be finished with it before then so I have it mailed well in advance. I am so sick of the whole thing. I have also decided that if I end up needing to redo one of the portfolios I am not going to lose sleep over it. At this point I just want it to be over! Hopefully next month at this time I will no longer be worrying about packing that stupid box!

Last weekend we headed to Brookfield Friday night because Ryan had an early meeting Saturday morning. We stayed in a very nice hotel, Brookfield Suites. We are pretty sure that it used to be an Embassy Suites. It looks just like the hotels we used to stay in when we would visit Ryan in Des Moines. Caden had a great time. The highlight of his weekend was playing with the phone in the hotel room. Don't worry...I scrubbed it down with wipes before he played with it. He carried it around with him. Here's a pic from my phone:

Saturday, since Ryan was in meetings, Caden and I headed to the mall. We walked around for a few hours. We had lunch at Subway. Caden liked the turkey sandwich:

When I could tell he was getting restless in his stroller we stopped at Barnes and Noble so that he could play with the Thomas the Train table they have with the trains. He was a very good boy. When Ryan finished up we headed back to town.

I have been reading more than I usually do. I love reading, but I feel like I never have enough time to do it. Ryan got me a Kindle for my birthday, and I successfully purchased my first book for it. I didn't ask for a Kindle; in fact, I wasn't even sure I would like one. I don't like the idea of staring at a screen. It is unbelievable! It really does look like a piece of paper. Plus the books are significantly cheaper. I bought Jillian Michael's Master Your Metabolism. I paid $9.99 for the book, and I had been looking at buying it on Amazon in print for $26. Nice savings! I started the book and I love it! It is freaking me out a little bit about all of the junk that is in the food we eat, but it is a good read. I have to admit that I purchased quite a few items in the organic section of the grocery store when I went tonight. It is amazing how much better you feel about what you are eating when you can pronounce all of the ingredients. I even found some nice organic hot dogs for Caden with no nitrates. The only drawback is that they have to be stored in the freezer because there are no preservatives. I can handle that. I may be becoming that hippy-dippy organic food person wearing tie dyed shirts soon!

I will leave you with some pics of Caden playing tonight. He is wearing his cute new pj's from Gymboree. They were a steal! I paid $5 for them, and he looks too cute!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Danny Drama and Birthday Brunch

The weekend before last started off with some excitement. Ryan called me at school at 3 to tell me that he was heading to the duplex to pick up Danny because he cut his leg and needed to be taken to the hospital. I freaked out, of course, and packed all my things up and hit the road to meet them at the hospital. I was having images of "ER" going throughout my head where the cut on the leg is spurting blood. Luckily it was not as bad as that.

When I got to the ER Ryan, Danny, and Sam were already back seeing a doc. Pam and Dick were waiting with Caden. Danny ended up with 13 stitches. Ryan said he could see all the layers of his dermis. Yuck! He cut his leg while he was running upstairs from the basement. The metal lip on the stairs was sticking out and it caught his leg. He didn't even realize he was sliced, he just heard his pant leg rip. That is never a good sign! He realized he needed to go to the hospital, so he called Ryan to take him. I saw him yesterday, and he is doing very well. His arm still hurts from the Tetanus shot.

Saturday was a great day because Caden slept straight through until 9:15 am! Yippee! Ryan and I slept that late as well. Any time we can get extra sleep is a great day! We then putzed around the house for awhile and headed to Appleton to do some errands. We had lunch at Famous Dave's and did a little shopping.

Sunday was nice and pretty relaxing. After church we went home and Caden, Ryan, and I took a little nap, and then we headed over to Pam and Dick's for my birthday brunch. We had lots of delicious treats. Caden's favorites seemed to be the ham and the jello salad that Linda made. The cutest part was that Caden and Adin were wearing the same monkey shirts and brown pants. We ended the celebration with carrot cake. Yum! Thank you for all of my great gifts. From a soup pot, to great gift certificates, Flower Soft, a new scrap tool bag... I was spoiled.

Here is my pic for this post. It was too cute when we had my birthday brunch on Valentine's Day. Caden and Adin were wearing the same outfit. Here are the two boys posing for their close up:

Monday, February 08, 2010

Skiing at Ski Brule

**I will be adding more pics to this post this weekend. Sorry...***
I survived my first skiing trip with the family (Ryan, Caden, Pam, Dick, Danny, and Sam) this past weekend. We headed to Ski Brule Friday night. We stayed at the Alpine Ranch Lodge. It was very nice. The slopes opened at 9 on Saturday, so we ate breakfast and headed out. Ryan worked with me until my lesson at 10:45. My instructor's name was Bob Lapp, and he was a great teacher. The lesson was supposed to be one hour, but he worked with me for almost an hour and a half. He took me down the bunny hill twice and then said we were heading for the ski lift. Although I was very freaked out, I followed his lead. I didn't use the poles at all while I was working with him. I went down two "real" hills: Homestead and Maple Syrup. They were of course the easiest hills, but I am just proud of myself that I was able to ski a real hill at all. The first time I fell was getting off the ski lift. That is a lot trickier than it looks! Plus Bob tried to steady me and ended up falling on top of me. Luckily, I was fine. I only fell down Homestead once when I was with Bob. He did a great job correcting my mistakes by just saying "push this leg" or "pizza," which was his version of a snow plow. I didn't fall at all the second time I did Homestead, and Maple Syrup wasn't bad compared to the other.

After my lesson Ryan and I had lunch at the lodge, and then headed out again. I fell three times on Homestead. The third time almost doesn't count because I never got back up successfully from the second. I was surprised that it didn't hurt to fall, it was just exhausting to get back up! Ryan did a great job of waiting for me and helping me up. When we went down Maple Syrup I didn't fall. That was enough for me though. I was exhausted!

I enjoyed watching Ryan go down one of the big hills. He is really good. He also hit the others while I was having my lesson. Danny didn't really have much luck. He didn't want to take a lesson, so I think that made the difference. Sam and Dick had a great time, too. Sam is a skiier, so she headed down some of the hills with Dick. He joked about how it was impossible to keep up with her.

Overall, I had a good time. I look forward to going again sometime in the future. I would definitely go back to Ski Brule sometime. They were unbelievably nice.

Here are a couple pics I have from the weekend. I will have to get some from Sam that she took and update again later:

Other random cute pics:

Taking a break from playing in the tub to smile for the camera.

He is a big fan of brushing his teeth, and he also loves wearing his shoes. Here he is in the morning doing both while he still wears his pajamas. Goof ball!