Monday, February 08, 2010

Skiing at Ski Brule

**I will be adding more pics to this post this weekend. Sorry...***
I survived my first skiing trip with the family (Ryan, Caden, Pam, Dick, Danny, and Sam) this past weekend. We headed to Ski Brule Friday night. We stayed at the Alpine Ranch Lodge. It was very nice. The slopes opened at 9 on Saturday, so we ate breakfast and headed out. Ryan worked with me until my lesson at 10:45. My instructor's name was Bob Lapp, and he was a great teacher. The lesson was supposed to be one hour, but he worked with me for almost an hour and a half. He took me down the bunny hill twice and then said we were heading for the ski lift. Although I was very freaked out, I followed his lead. I didn't use the poles at all while I was working with him. I went down two "real" hills: Homestead and Maple Syrup. They were of course the easiest hills, but I am just proud of myself that I was able to ski a real hill at all. The first time I fell was getting off the ski lift. That is a lot trickier than it looks! Plus Bob tried to steady me and ended up falling on top of me. Luckily, I was fine. I only fell down Homestead once when I was with Bob. He did a great job correcting my mistakes by just saying "push this leg" or "pizza," which was his version of a snow plow. I didn't fall at all the second time I did Homestead, and Maple Syrup wasn't bad compared to the other.

After my lesson Ryan and I had lunch at the lodge, and then headed out again. I fell three times on Homestead. The third time almost doesn't count because I never got back up successfully from the second. I was surprised that it didn't hurt to fall, it was just exhausting to get back up! Ryan did a great job of waiting for me and helping me up. When we went down Maple Syrup I didn't fall. That was enough for me though. I was exhausted!

I enjoyed watching Ryan go down one of the big hills. He is really good. He also hit the others while I was having my lesson. Danny didn't really have much luck. He didn't want to take a lesson, so I think that made the difference. Sam and Dick had a great time, too. Sam is a skiier, so she headed down some of the hills with Dick. He joked about how it was impossible to keep up with her.

Overall, I had a good time. I look forward to going again sometime in the future. I would definitely go back to Ski Brule sometime. They were unbelievably nice.

Here are a couple pics I have from the weekend. I will have to get some from Sam that she took and update again later:

Other random cute pics:

Taking a break from playing in the tub to smile for the camera.

He is a big fan of brushing his teeth, and he also loves wearing his shoes. Here he is in the morning doing both while he still wears his pajamas. Goof ball!


Anonymous said...

absolutely handsome pics of caden he is a little man

Diane or George said...

ok i have waited long enough i want more pictures

The Ames Family said...

I emailed Sam today to get them! Sorry!