Wednesday, April 30, 2014

{ice shoves}

There are a lot of people who don't understand what ice shoves are if they don't live close to water. We do in Oshkosh. Even though the weather has been getting better (somewhat), there is a still A LOT of ice to melt. The shoves are created when there are currents in the water (the open portion), temperature changes, and wind. I LOVE this pic of Caden from when we were still on our cruise:
Now that's an ice shove! I remember going over to my friend Ellie's house when I was in high school. She lived just a street over, but she lived on the open water. You could hear the ice cracking and creaking as it worked its way up to the shore.

Here is a video of some ice shoves coming in from Lake Winnebago. This is right in Neenah, about 15 minutes away. Crazy stuff.

Until later!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

{the longest week ever...}

I know it is only Tuesday, but for some reason it feels like it should be Friday. I think it must be the weather. It is so rainy...and dreary...and rainy... I am ready for the springtime weather to return. I guess I only need to hold tight for a week. Yep, that's how long this weather is going to stick around. Yuck... Tonight was kind of a rush of a night, because I met up with some friends for dinner after Ryan got home from work. Unfortunately, I didn't even think to take pics until I came home. I don't know what's been with me for the past couple of days! Sheesh. I will get better :)

After I got home Caden was already sleeping, but Lilli was still looking for some cuddle time. I sat with her while Ryan worked on his homework. He is on a pretty tough stretch Ryan class wise, so he's been a little stressed out. I have been going to bed quite a bit earlier than he does because he is staying up late to work on homework. He also has a take home test this week. Tired boy...

I did realize that I forgot to post a couple pics of the kids that I took right yesterday before we started to read stories. Caden decided he wanted to wear Buzz Lightyear pajamas. Lilli was already in different pajames, but then she wanted Buzz Lightyear, too. The only ones she has are Caden's old ones, which are too small for her now. That didn't stop her:
I love how Caden is saluting. Look at Lilli's tummy!
I said, "Goofy face," but Caden was still serious about his position :)
Cute little squirts :)

Until later!

Monday, April 28, 2014

{happy kids=happy mommy}

The best part of today was that the kids were just in a delightful mood. That is not usually a word I use, but that is really the perfect one. For the past week Lilli has been pretty grumpy (bladder infection), so the break from the grumps with two perfectly happy kids who did not fight was great :)

Caden had hockey tonight, and Lilli and I had a great time watching his progress and singing. She loves that. I forgot my phone at home, so I do not have any hockey pics :( I will make sure to get some next time. I was just amazed by how quickly he skates. He was just soaring across the ice. Yes, he still pushes off of one leg like he is skateboarding, but he is FAST!

We ended the evening with a little bit of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." Great night :)

Because I have no pics to share with you from today, I thought I would share another one from when we were gone. This was a pic that Grandma and Bumpah sent us from the 19th:
What a busy morning it was for them :)

Here is the link to the Wednesday from when we were gone. Enjoy!

Until later!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

{Let's go fly a kite}

Uncle Danny and Aunt Samantha joined us for dinner tonight along with Grandma and Bumpah. This was the first time the kids have seen Uncle Danny and Aunt Samantha since before Easter, so they still had another Easter basket. Along with some cute clothes and candy, Caden and Lilli each received a kite. Their first kite. They were a hit! And today's weather was VERY windy, so it was the perfect day to go out to the field behind our house to try them. Check it out:
In case you were wondering, that is our house with the blue roof :)
Aunt Samantha, Grandma, and Mama all stayed inside and enjoyed the view from the warm house :) Caden can't wait to get out there and fly his kite again. Lilli wasn't as interested in holding her kite string as much as simply watching. What a great idea for an Easter present!

Until later!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

{home days are the best...}

The kids were happy when they woke up this morning and I told them that we didn't have to go anywhere. Caden decided he needed to do some inside camping right away:
Caden informed me that Superman only needs an axe when he is camping:)
I had planned on doing my grocery shopping, but we didn't even do that. With a lot of rainy weather on its way to Wisconsin, the kids spent every minute they could outside. They played so well together. They went on their rollercoaster together. It was cute to watch them ride it together. I wish I had some pictures, but I decided not to bring my phone outside. They were swinging together, and Caden occasionally took some breaks so that he could push his sister on her swing. My favorite part was when they started to play Star Wars together. It was just a very nice day with absolutely no "He pushed me" or "I was on there first" comments. All was well :) I think it was nice for Daddy to get home from school and find out the kiddos were so well-behaved all day.

Another great thing was that I finished cleaning up all of the "presents" the dogs left for us on the yard from over the winter. Yuck! I just wanted to get all of that cleaned up before the rain. I have a nice blister on my hand to prove all of my hard work.

We ended the evening with Aunt Lexie coming to visit us and eat dinner with us. We ordered pizza (Remember that I didn't go to the grocery store...). Overall, it was a great night. There were no naps in there at all, so Lilli and Caden were very tired. Here is a pic of Lilli on the couch after her bath next to Aunt Lexie but with her head on Daddy's hand:
Lots of fresh air and no nap made for a very tired little girl...
Until later!

Friday, April 25, 2014

{time to get the camper}

With the weather finally turning into Spring (don't look at next week's forecast...), Ryan and I decided that it is time to get the camper out of storage this weekend to start preparing for the summer. I knew one thing I wanted to do for it is to make some new curtains. If you recall, I received a new sewing machine for my birthday (thank you, Ryan), so curtains are high on my list. Don't get me wrong, the camper is in great shape. I just want to update the look. Well, that got me to doing a little of searching for some inspiration on Pinterest. Then I came across this website. I LOVE it! The idea of using the chalkboard paint is so awesome. It just adds one more thing the kids can do in there on a rainy day. I would use a table cloth to put over the chalkboard surface. I don't like the idea of eating right on top of it. I showed the kids the pics, and they really like the idea. I am so excited to start!

Our timeline will begin on Sunday when Ryan will be picking up the camper. My only plan for then is to measure all of the cushions so I know how much fabric to purchase. I am not too sure about a color scheme right now. I will most likely go with something light and airy (and on sale). I am hoping to find the fabric next week during the rainy, rainy week. I also decided that I want a little chandelier. I know it's ridiculous, but I REALLY want a cute little chandelier. I will probably paint it white or something.

I am not sure if Ryan is quite as excited about this new project as I am :) He is most concerned about finding the proper paint to cover the fake wood surfaces so they don't chip right away. I know sanding will be involved. I'm okay with that. I am just excited to start the project. Realistically we won't be able to camp until June, so my goal is to be done by then. I know I sometimes set that bar a little too high... We will see with this one. I will update you with pics along the way:)

Caden and Lilli are very excited to go camping. In fact, Caden told me that he would rather go camping than go on a Disney Cruise. (He has cruise on the mind because we just got back from ours.) That says a lot that he would rather go camping than cruising. Good times:)

And speaking of cruising, here is a link to my post from the Tuesday of our cruise vacation. Our port of call was Nassau. There are some excellent shots of my awesome sunburnt legs. Enjoy!

Until later!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

{pretty, sleepy princess}

Look at this pic of Lilli from this morning:
Yes, that is Baby Snow White under her arm :)
Such a pretty face...

Until later!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

{Bladder Infection confirmed...pretty awesome big wheel}

I got the call today that pretty Lilli does have a bladder infection :( The good news is that she has antibiotics, so hopefully that will quickly clear everything up. The bad news is that she absolutely hates the test of the medication. She wanted to have a bite of a banana to get the taste out of her mouth.

In happier news, Caden wanted be to shoot this short video of Caden riding a new big wheel that they have at Tricia's. He thinks it is pretty awesome:

Until later!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

{Lilli's doctor visit}

Lilli has been somewhat out of sorts for the last couple of weeks. She has also been reluctant to take a bath and has complained at times that her butt hurts. I realized today that when she said "butt" she maybe didn't mean butt. When Grandma asked her, she pointed to her front. After a call to the nurse, we decided it was best to take her in.

The kids were in good spirits before the doctor came in:

Lilli wasn't quite as happy once the doctor came in. She didn't like it that the doctor was talking with her about going pee pee in the potty. I will spare you the details of everything that happened, but we did leave with a special bag :)

We were lucky enough to get a sample to drop off to the lab tomorrow. Hopefully all goes well then and we will have a definitive answer about whether or not she has a bladder infection.

Until later!


Monday, April 21, 2014

{Caden: Silly Boy}

After I left this morning for work, Ryan came downstairs to find Caden like this:
He had put out the single dollar bills from the Easter eggs from Grandma and Bumpah. He was busy counting the money. So funny...

The kids are on their Spring Break this week, so they are happy to be able to sleep in a little later. The were also very excited for today, because it was a pajama day at Tricia's house. Lilli especially loves to wear her pjs as much as possible.

Once we all got home, Caden decided he wanted to go on a bike ride with Dada and Lilli while I got dinner ready. Look at this cute shot of that ham:
Love him.

Until later!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

{Happy Easter!}

Happy Easter! We were so happy to get back and see our cute little faces we missed oh so much. We got to the house right before all of the rest of the family got there. It was so nice to hug the kiddos, but it was also great to see all of the other kids. Look how cute they were posing before they started their Easter egg hunt in the yard:
Max was NOT a fan :(
We were so lucky it was nice enough to be outside.

Once we got home the kids got to look for their Easter baskets there. Caden got his before Lilli, because she fell asleep on the ride home. He was very excited, because the Easter Bunny remembered that he wanted the R2D2 Easter eggs:
Once Lilli woke up Caden helped her find her basket:
Can you tell she was about to yawn? :)

It was a wonderful Easter for us. We couldn't ask for more than we have...

Until later!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

{Back on the soil...back to reality}

Our cruise ended today, but we won't be home until tomorrow. We had such a wonderful and relaxing trip. It was just perfect. I will be sharing A LOT of pics with you soon. I need to get back to reality first :) We aren't leaving for home until tomorrow, because it was too expensive to fly home today still. We will be heading back bright and early tomorrow AM. The nice part is that we will be home before noon. I can't wait to squeeze those kiddos :) Look at his super cute pic that we got this AM of those cuties!
Too much cute :)

Until later!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

{Grand Turk + Happy Birthday, Danny!}

Our last stop on the cruise was today already. We docked at Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos Islands. It was just beautiful. First we looked around and finished up our shopping. We still needed something for Caden. After we dropped our things back at the ship, we reapplied sunblock and had a snack. We then headed out for our Taste of Turk tour. It was great! We just loved the island:
They don't have any big hotels there, so they are all small privately owned places:
I love all of the character of all of the places:
One of our stops was at some salt fields. I think they are called fields. We got to walk around and see how the salt is gathered by raking it up after all of the water evaporates:
 There were quite a few nonoperational windmills:
 I kinda wanted to dip my finger in the water to see how salty it would taste. I didn't...
 Look how beautiful this pic is:
Our next stop was for the "taste" part of our tour. We got basically an entire meal! There was jerk chicken, fried plantains, conch fritters, and breaded red fish:
Ryan got all artist with this shot :)

It was a great day. We wished we had more time there:
The rest of the night was like those previous. A little casino after dinner. Unfortunately there were issues with the TV, so we didn't get to watch "Big Bang Theory." I did read quite a bit of my book.

As a side note, today was also my brother's 30th birthday! I hope he had a great day :)

Until later!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

{Half Moon Cay}

Today we spent our day at Half Moon Cay. It is an island owned by the cruise line. The nice part was that even though we left the ship, it was like we never did. Our room cards were all we needed. They even have food right on the island for the guests to eat. Because it is just like being on the ship still, there was no charge for the food. We started a little earlier today than yesterday because we had an excursion today for kayaking. Here is a recap:

We took a tender boat from our ship to the island. Here are some shots from the tender:
Once we got off of the ship, Ryan decided he needed to start the day the right way:
It's around 9:30 am :)
We took a little truck shuttle over to the kayaking area. We got on our life preservers and headed to the two-person kayaks. I left on my coverup, because I didn't need to get any more sun :)
 Look how pretty that water is:
 I wanted to take a view from my perspective of the beautiful water. I ended up focusing on my feet :)

 Ryan's view :)

 Our guide took us to a nice shallow area where we got out. He passed around a conch and a jellyfish:
 There was no way I was going to touch the jellyfish:
 Ryan was not apprehensive about it at all:
 Here we are waiting for our ride back after the trip:
 Nice panoramic shot Ryan took of the beach:
 The water was so beautiful we had to get out and play a little bit:
Still rocking quite the sunburn at this point :)
What a great day! We ended the night like most of the other nights, I played in the casino for a bit and then we headed back to the room to watch some "Big Bang Theory" on TBS. It was wonderful!

Until later!