Sunday, April 13, 2014

{Hello, Miami + Dr. Seuss party time}

Ryan and I are currently in Miami, and we will be getting on our cruise tomorrow at around noon. Today we did a lot of nothing. It was great! I am reading the first in the A Game of Thrones series, so I have been reading A LOT. The first book is 800 pages. Ryan has already been working on getting some homework done.

Back at home the kids had a great day. Today was their little cousin Max's first birthday party. It was a Dr. Seuss themed party. I made the cake for the party over the weekend. What do you think?
 I didn't add an edge to the top layer, because I wanted it to look like the Cat in the Hat's hat.
 I tried to make it look Seussish, so it is a little uneven.

I also made a smash cake for Max, but I forgot to take a picture. The other thing I did was crochet Thing One and Thing Two hats for the kids. It was a lot of fun. Here is the shot of Lilli modeling one when I was still working on them:
Here they are at the party wearing them. I was so happy to see this pic :)
It is great to know that the kids are so well taken care of and having such a great time. It makes it easier to be away.

Before we went to bed we also were able to Facetime with the kids. It is always nice seeing those cute (silly) faces before going to bed:
Until later!


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