Saturday, April 26, 2014

{home days are the best...}

The kids were happy when they woke up this morning and I told them that we didn't have to go anywhere. Caden decided he needed to do some inside camping right away:
Caden informed me that Superman only needs an axe when he is camping:)
I had planned on doing my grocery shopping, but we didn't even do that. With a lot of rainy weather on its way to Wisconsin, the kids spent every minute they could outside. They played so well together. They went on their rollercoaster together. It was cute to watch them ride it together. I wish I had some pictures, but I decided not to bring my phone outside. They were swinging together, and Caden occasionally took some breaks so that he could push his sister on her swing. My favorite part was when they started to play Star Wars together. It was just a very nice day with absolutely no "He pushed me" or "I was on there first" comments. All was well :) I think it was nice for Daddy to get home from school and find out the kiddos were so well-behaved all day.

Another great thing was that I finished cleaning up all of the "presents" the dogs left for us on the yard from over the winter. Yuck! I just wanted to get all of that cleaned up before the rain. I have a nice blister on my hand to prove all of my hard work.

We ended the evening with Aunt Lexie coming to visit us and eat dinner with us. We ordered pizza (Remember that I didn't go to the grocery store...). Overall, it was a great night. There were no naps in there at all, so Lilli and Caden were very tired. Here is a pic of Lilli on the couch after her bath next to Aunt Lexie but with her head on Daddy's hand:
Lots of fresh air and no nap made for a very tired little girl...
Until later!

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