Sunday, April 20, 2014

{Happy Easter!}

Happy Easter! We were so happy to get back and see our cute little faces we missed oh so much. We got to the house right before all of the rest of the family got there. It was so nice to hug the kiddos, but it was also great to see all of the other kids. Look how cute they were posing before they started their Easter egg hunt in the yard:
Max was NOT a fan :(
We were so lucky it was nice enough to be outside.

Once we got home the kids got to look for their Easter baskets there. Caden got his before Lilli, because she fell asleep on the ride home. He was very excited, because the Easter Bunny remembered that he wanted the R2D2 Easter eggs:
Once Lilli woke up Caden helped her find her basket:
Can you tell she was about to yawn? :)

It was a wonderful Easter for us. We couldn't ask for more than we have...

Until later!

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