Sunday, April 06, 2014

{bike riding returns + sidewalk chalk}

It was another beautiful day today. We worked more on some Spring cleaning items, but we also made sure to take some time to just enjoy the weather. We went on a bike ride on the trail by our house. It is so cute seeing Lilli on her big girl bike. She didn't quite make it the whole way. Ryan ended up having to take off his belt to pull her a little bit. The kids also showed me two of the geocaches they hid along the path. Caden's unbelievable memory constantly amazes me. It was a great day for some exploring.
 Here is another example of one of Caden's crazy faces he likes to do when taking pics:
 I love this pic:
Ryan and the kids also had some fun with some sidewalk chalk. Check out Ryan's masterpieces:
Caden didn't do a bad job either:
So much talent :)

Until later!

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