Thursday, April 17, 2014

{Grand Turk + Happy Birthday, Danny!}

Our last stop on the cruise was today already. We docked at Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos Islands. It was just beautiful. First we looked around and finished up our shopping. We still needed something for Caden. After we dropped our things back at the ship, we reapplied sunblock and had a snack. We then headed out for our Taste of Turk tour. It was great! We just loved the island:
They don't have any big hotels there, so they are all small privately owned places:
I love all of the character of all of the places:
One of our stops was at some salt fields. I think they are called fields. We got to walk around and see how the salt is gathered by raking it up after all of the water evaporates:
 There were quite a few nonoperational windmills:
 I kinda wanted to dip my finger in the water to see how salty it would taste. I didn't...
 Look how beautiful this pic is:
Our next stop was for the "taste" part of our tour. We got basically an entire meal! There was jerk chicken, fried plantains, conch fritters, and breaded red fish:
Ryan got all artist with this shot :)

It was a great day. We wished we had more time there:
The rest of the night was like those previous. A little casino after dinner. Unfortunately there were issues with the TV, so we didn't get to watch "Big Bang Theory." I did read quite a bit of my book.

As a side note, today was also my brother's 30th birthday! I hope he had a great day :)

Until later!

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