Saturday, April 05, 2014

{a bracelet for Grandma}

The kids and I did not have any big plans today. Caden is getting a cold (again), and he was pretty tired. We did make sure to swing over to Grandma and Bumpah's house to get Caden's and Lilli's backpacks. Caden really wanted to get it because he had a gift in there that he made for Grandma. He made her a necklace, but it ended up being too short, so it turned into a bracelet :) Check out this beauty:
I know I don't have Pam's face in the pic, but she was just getting over a pretty bad double pink eye infection, so she didn't really want any pics :) Caden was very proud of the gift and the tag he made for it:
He did ask Grandma if she could put the beads on a longer string so she could wear it as a necklace later. Not a problem.

The rest of the day, once Dada got home from school, we worked on cleaning up the yard. Today was the first day it really felt like Spring. We finally took the Christmas lights all down, and I trimmed up bushes and removed old leaves. I also started tackling poop removal in the backyard. Yuck! There is still more work to do in that department... It was so nice being outside. I have really missed the outdoors. We plan to spend a lot of time out there from this point on.

Until later!

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