Wednesday, April 02, 2014

{No Technology (Wednes)Day: Easter eggs!}

The kids having been talking about dyeing eggs a lot lately with Easter coming. I decided that tonight would be a good night to do that, so I prepared the hard-boiled eggs last night before I went to bed. After I picked them up from Tricia's, we buzzed over to Target to pick up a new egg dyeing kit. Caden saw MANY other things he thought we needed, but we just got one kit. Looking back, I should have bought a few more. Plus right now Target has a coupon through Cartwheel that gives you 25% off the kits. Nice. Anyway, we got home, ate quickly, and then started to dye our eggs. Caden opened the kit for us, and somehow the "magic crayon" was lost. That's okay! We still went ahead and dyed the eggs. I reassured them that this would not be the only time we would dye eggs before Easter. Especially because they LOVE eating hard-boiled eggs. Here are the pics:

 Caden was into it a lot more than Lilli. He wants to make more this weekend.

After they finished their eggs, each kiddo ate two eggs :) At least I know they go their fill of protein!

Until later!

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