Monday, April 14, 2014

{Cruisin' the night away}

We are on the cruise ship!!! We are on the Carnival Victory. So far, so good :)
This was right when we got on the ship!
 On the ship for only five minutes, and we already found a tropical beverage:

I will not be able to update while we are on the ship (we leave around 4 pm). I plan to back post when we get home. I will do one a day, like I did when we got home from the cruise last time :) I will start with pics from just the phones, and then I will probably do one large post with all of the pics from the camera.

We have started our cruise by finding a perfect spot in the sun to read. Well, I am in the sun:
Ryan is next to me in the shade. He is just like his Mama, not a big fun of being in the sun or being hot.

I hope everyone has a great and relaxing week! I know we will :)

Until next weekend!

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